Georgian French Doors

Classy and Functional - modern Glazing Bars turn any ordinary Door into an Eye Catcher

Compliment your historic home or give your new home a traditional look with bespoke Georgian French doors from Neuffer. Their large glass surfaces add natural light to any room while providing a great view of your patio, garden or yard. Common in many English speaking countries around the world, they often fit equally well in old and new homes and help make your doors stand out with a classic elegance.  Our French doors are available in a variety of materials and colours including transoms and side panels. 

The Different Types of Glazing Bars

One of the hallmarks of Georgian windows and doors is their use of bars separating the glass into smaller sections. Until the mid-1850s, glass was only produced in small sizes and made into large windows and doors using glazing bars (also called muntins). While no longer economically or technically necessary, using glazing bars is still considered more architecturally attractive and is particularly common in English speaking countries

Neuffer offers three styles of Georgian bars to match your aesthetic, budget and security requirements. These include real, glass-separating ones and astragal bars which simulate the look without actually dividing the glazed surface. Your three options are

  • Genuine separating bars
  • Helima (fitted internally)
  • Viennese (fitted externally)

Muntins are also available in different materials like timber, uPVC and aluminium. It is typically best to choose a material that matches the door frame. Of the three, aluminium can affect the overall U-value since metal is conductive. However, unless you're are aiming for extremely high energy performance, a Passive House for example, this should not be a concern.

Genuine Georgian Bars (Muntins)

The first option are genuine Georgian bars which physically partition the door into a series of small panes. This is the most historically accurate option with windows built just as in the past. Nevertheless, modern window manufacturing ensures that insulation penalties and draught problems are things of the past. Genuine glazing bars merely create mini-windows in a sense and can still be built with modern double and triple glazing and all the other energy performance boosting features of today. Finally, they have the added benefit of increasing overall security. 

Helima Style Bars

If historical and technical accuracy is unnecessary, simulated glazing bars are an excellent alternative. Our Helima option recreates the same historic look of genuine bars in your sash with internally fitted bars. Your choice of pattern is installed in the internal space between panes. This provides the same traditional appearance at a glance in a more budget-friendly package. Being located between panes, they can conduct energy and slightly impact the overall Ud-value.

Viennese Style Bars

A second option for simulating genuine glazing bars are our Viennese bars. Similarly, these do not actually separate the glass itself but are mounted on the external surfaces. They can also be combined with interior Helima bars which makes them nearly indistinguishable from the real thing. For historic homes required to meet special preservation regulations, these are the best option and come closest to the real thing.  

Custom Georgian Style French Doors

Neuffer offers a range of custom options to ensure that we can offer a bespoke solution for your project. This begins with your choice of frame material and continues to style, glazing, finish, colours and fittings. Non-standard shapes such as arches are also available. With such large glazed surfaces, external doors should also feature insulated double or triple glazing to prevent energy loss and reduce monthly heating bills.

The entire RAL colour range is available as well as natural stains and finishes for timber frames. Finish off your door with a selection of high quality German made hardware. This ranges from heavy duty security fittings to beautiful designer polished handles. 

If you are unsure whether French doors are the best solution in your chosen space, we also offer sliding and folding doors which can be configured with the same traditional Georgian look. 

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