Whether you are renovating or building, thermal insulation is an important consideration. Thermally efficient profiles must meet energy-saving regulations and reduce heating costs. The Energeto 8000ED series meets the highest requirements, including those used for passive house construction. This is made possible by innovative fibre-reinforcement and a polyurethane foam centre.





3 3⁄8"

Frame Depth


Sealing Levels


Metric U-factor (W/m²K)

Optional Features:

  • Hidden drainage channels
  • Upgrade to resistance class II possible (RC2)
  • activPilot Select fittings with discrete hidden hinges
  • activPilot Comfort with parallel opening for ventilation
  • High Control with sensors to integrate windows with home security

Technical Details of Energeto 8000ED Profiles

  • Passive House certified
  • U-values to 0.74 W/m2K (reference size 1230 x 1480mm) based on configuration
  • High-pressure polyurethane foam insulation and carbon fibre reinforcement
  • Innovative adhesive bonding insulates glazing and prevents thermal bridging.
  • Ultradur® inserts create a multi-chamber profile.
  • 85mm installation depth for larger insulating chambers
  • Triple glazing up to 48mm thickness.
  • Sound insulation up to Rw ≤ 41dB
  • Available in classic white and with decors.
  • Extremely weather resistant due to modern uPVC material mixtures
  • 3-point sealing with gaskets available in black and white.
  • Quality German fittings with multi-point locking for burglary protection.
  • 98.2% recyclable profile and free of lead, cadmium and barium.




Saving Energy & Money with the Energeto 8000ED

Windows and doors are typically the number one source of energy loss in homes based on studies and thermal imaging. The Energeto 8000ED profile easily solves this via a combination of advanced features meeting that had it awarded with a passive house certificate. Ultradur® carbon fibre inserts eliminate the effects of thermal bridging, while helping to create the multi-chamber design required for an efficient profile. Next, multiple chambers are filled with precision high-pressure foam giving the frame a substantial boost in insulation while also reducing its overall heat conductivity. 

Passive house efficiency using Ultradur® inserts and foam-insulated cavities lead to long-term savings

Reliability & Security

In addition to their superb energy efficiency, the Energeto 8000ED models also meet the highest standards of burglary protection. German made Winkaus activPilot fittings ensure durability and security with a range of further upgrade options to suit your requirements based on the window's location.

Individual Design

uPVC windows using Energeto 8000ED profiles can be specified to suit the requirements of any project. From standard white to a range of RAL colours and decors, including traditional timber finishes. Further options include ornamental glass for decoration or privacy, and a wide selection of interior fittings. Frames can be manufactured in whatever custom shape you require including arches, circles, ovals, trapezoids and more. All of our products are custom built for your specific project. 

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