Aluplast Energeto 5000

The Energeto 5000 System

Customisable uPVC Windows – Modern Design and great Functionality at affordable Prices

Wooden windows offer excellent insulation values due to their material properties. With innovative component structural aspects, aluminium or uPVC components can reach ideal U-values as well. The Energeto 5000 profile impresses with excellent weather resistance and low maintenance requirements. Centre gasket systems help to meet the highest requirements in terms of thermal insulation and sound absorption. Special hinges and additional features can further improve burglary protection.

Advantages of Energeto 5000 Construction Elements at a Glance

  • activPilot fittings ensure the perfect combination of practical functionality and the aesthetically pleasing design of modern uPVC windows
  • White frames can be ordered with a frame width of 70 or 80 m
  • Glazing thickness of 24 up to 38 mm offers maximum thermal insulation; greater installation depth guarantees a U-value of up to 0.70 W/(m2K).
  • Three level centre gasket systems grant additional sound absorption of ≤ 37 decibels.
  • Good weather resistance with advanced material technology and extruded seals
  • Mushroom cams and two strike plates provide burglary protection; the window can also be upgraded to resistance class 2.
  • The frames of Energeto 5000 elements are free of cadmium, barium or lead and are 98.2% recyclable.

Innovative 6-chamber systems guarantee best Properties

Energeto 5000 components are not only tastefully modern and aesthetically pleasing, the professional designs also ensure excellent thermal attributes with our patented 6-chamber system.

High-quality aluplast profiles effectively stop the formation of thermal bridges, preventing heat from escaping the house.
The three level centre gasket system grants additional insulation. The Energeto 5000 is available with double glazing for superb heat transmittance properties. When using triple glazing, these elements can even meet passive house standards.

Energeto 5000: Innovation for Sustainability

Energy efficient windows or doors do not only help to save on heating costs. They effectively contribute to environmental protection.

Energeto 5000 provides outstanding heat and sound protection properties, as the component material itself plays a significant role in efficiency and sustainability.

During the development and the manufacturing process of our products, we make sure that all profiles are free of lead, cadmium or barium.

This step does not only protect your health, it also guarantees that the uPVC material is up to 98.2% recyclable.