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Modern windows meet many needs. They offer burglary and sound protection; yet, they also effectively protect the environment, since they are able to achieve thermal insulation properties that were inconceivable only a few years ago. Thus, with the right frames and suitable accessories, you can improve the energy efficiency of your home and save money at the same time. And in regards to design, there are virtually no limits to your creativity. For any given model - regardless of material - the entire range of RAL colours is at your disposal.

A wide Selection of Materials

Typical windows are available in various models and fashioned from various materials, which all have their respective characteristics. Apart from visual appearance, functionality and other criteria such as longevity should always be considered carefully. You can choose from the following selection:

  • Timbers
  • uPVC
  • Aluminium

Combining different construction materials into composites is also possible. For example, wood-aluminium windows and front doors combine the favourable characteristics of both materials into one product. The innovative combination of synthetic frames and light metal exterior shells is popular for the same reason. But which characteristics can be expected from the various materials?

Elegantly traditional Wood

This natural material is an almost unrivalled thermal insulator. Due to its unique structure, it does not only make sure that no energy is lost via thermal transmittance, but also ensures continuous air circulation. The latter characteristic reliably prevents mould formation in your home - a function that can be imitated by other materials only with the help of technical refinement. Furthermore, wooden windows feature a special, warm visual appearance, which is responsible for the unique appeal of this natural material.

One downside of the material is the relatively high amount of maintenance and care that such windows require. The exterior frame surfaces in particular need to be treated with weather resistant varnish or lacquer on a regular basis to ensure undiminished functionality as well as untarnished looks for a long time.

Affordable and efficient uPVC

uPVC is a modern material that stands out thanks to its various beneficial characteristics in combination with being a highly affordable choice of material for windows. This is because its production is extremely affordable as raw polyvinyl chloride can be easily shaped into various shapes. In addition, this is also the reason why uPVC is such an especially popular material for manufacturing windows. Despite being a slightly less efficient thermal insulator than wood, the simple addition of a multi-chamber profile system can turn any uPVC window into the perfect energy saver, even enabling it to meet passive house standards. Moreover, windows of the synthetic material also impress with low maintenance requirements and extensive longevity.

In stark contrast to their wooden counterparts, repairing damage to uPVC windows is not very easy. However, since these windows are naturally very resistant, most damage done to the frame is usually purely superficial in nature.

Modern and robust Aluminium

Windows and doors manufactured from pure aluminium are typically very stable, robust, and highly resistant to inclement weather. However, without additional technical changes, the unfavourable thermal transmittance characteristics of the metal material can prove to be a negative influence on the overall energy efficiency of your home. For this reason, aluminium is often used in conjunction with other construction materials.

Wood-aluminium windows, for example, feature an aluminium shell fitted to the exterior surfaces of the wooden frame, combining the stability of metal with the insulating characteristics and natural looks of wood.

Combining uPVC and aluminium creates similarly beneficial characteristics. Thanks to technical innovations in regards to profile layout, uPVC-aluminium windows show excellent benchmarks for thermal insulation and great stability at the same time. As a result, burglary protection is significantly increased as well.

Additional Equipment

Basically, all windows consist of frames and one or more window casements or sashes, which in turn consist of casement or sash profiles and glazing elements. The fittings hold all of these individual parts together, providing security and functionality. With your selection in each of these areas, you can thus determine the exact focus of your product from among the following categories:

  • Thermal insulation
  • Burglary prevention
  • Noise protection

Of course, you can also decide on an effective combination of all of these categories, equipping your new window not only with additional security fittings but with highly insulated multi-glazing elements as well. That being said, thermal insulation is typically the most important point for most homeowners.

Synthetic and wooden frames - and their respective metal-composite counterparts - can easily be used for high-performance energy-saving windows by choosing the right type of glazing. Insulated glass inserts are available in double or triple pane versions. As the term implies, these inserts consist of several glass panes mounted parallel to each other at a distance determined by several spacers. This creates one or two hollow spaces between individual panels that are typically filled with noble gasses characterised by especially low thermal transmittance attributes. In this way, optimal thermal insulation and noise protection benchmarks can be achieved for your window.

Profile model Frame material Glazing type Uw-Value in W/(m2K)
Energeto 5000 uPVC triple 1,1
Classic Wood double 1,3
Idealu Wood-Aluminium triple 1,2

The example above shows the best U-value for the Energeto 5000 profile. This is owed to the 6-chamber profile system, which significantly limits heating energy transmittance from the inside to the outside. Additionally, in this frame profile, a special carbon fibre reinforcement element replaces the steel insert typically used in other windows, influencing insulation very positively. In contrast, layer-bonded wooden frame profiles do not need such chamber systems at all.

Visual Design

All custom windows are usually available made to measure, allowing you to determine height, width and shape individually. Additionally, you can also customise the design according to your personal preferences. For every window, the full RAL colour range is at your disposal. While colour is applied to uPVC windows via a tinted film, metal is coloured in the desired hue using the technique of powder coating. Wood, on the other hand, is coloured using lacquer and varnish. All of these procedures are part of the manufacturing process - your window will arrive at your doorstep fully coloured and customised, ready for installation.

In addition to customising the colour of the frames, you can also choose from a wide selection of accessories for your windows, such as decorative foils for the glass inserts. Thus, you can fully customise any window according to your personal preferences.

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