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Modern Tilt-and-Slide Doors

This advanced Sliding Door offers convenient Ventilation with a Window-like tilting Mechanism

Sliding mechanisms are especially well suited for balconies and terraces. After all, they allow you to free up the space that is usually reserved for opening a swinging leaf. However, most sliding doors still need to be fully opened in order to effectively air out a room, which could potentially grant animals and other unwanted guests access to your home. Tilt-and-and-slide doors avoid this issue by integrating a tilting function. Thus, they feature probably the most multi-facetted opening mechanism of any model.

The Advantages of Tilt-and-Slide Doors

These doors are quite straightforward to operate and provide additional security with the possibility of opening the leaf in four different positions:

  • Closed
  • Tilted
  • Offset
  • Opened

Typically, these form individual stages of the opening procedure: By turning the handle, you tilt the leaf on a horizontal axis. Further turning then loosens the lower part of the leaf, positioning it in a parallel offset position to the frame. Starting from this position, the leaf can be moved horizontally by simply pushing.

Thus, the main advantage of tilt-and-slide models is the sophisticated combination of a space-saving slide mechanism with the practical tilting function, which has already proven its worth in most window models. This combination allows for unimpeded ventilation without wasting valuable space, which is particularly useful in smaller rooms.

The passive Characteristics of Tilt-and-Slide Models

Neuffer tilt-and-slide models measure up well in direct comparison to other sliding systems such as the popular lift-and-slide mechanism. This is because in addition to their tilting function, they also shine in all other areas that are also covered by the technologically more simple types.

Thermal Insulation

When closed, tilt-and-slide doors display insulation properties on par with any other type of sliding door. Since the leaf is just as firmly embedded into the frame as it is in other models, the contact pressure of the seals can be securely adjusted and remains stable. The respective U-values of the glazing, the leaf and the frame are all based on the chosen construction materials, profile systems as well as types of glazing.

Noise protection for your Home

All common methods of soundproofing are available for tilt-and-slide doors as well. Especially noise protection methods that are based on glazing; these are particularly well suited for this type of door, as large glass surfaces tend to characterise tilt-and-slide models. When equipped correctly, such a door can cancel out noise just as reliably as any solid front door.

Burglary Protection in Patio or Balcony Applications

Similar to thermal insulation, the resistance against burglary attempts provided by tilt-and-slide systems is comparable to the security level afforded by most common glazed sliding doors. Due to the already high weight of the leafs, the tilt-and-slide mechanism is manufactured to be very sturdy and thus able to withstand acts of physical violence without any problem. Thus, just as choosing an appropriate glazing for improved thermal insulation is important, the large glass surface is also the primary burglary protection element for such doors.

Roller shutters do not only offer protection from sunlight, but also very efficiently prevent burglars from breaking the large glass surfaces. Sliding doors with an additional tilting function can be combined with either exterior or top-mounted roller shutters.

Equipment and Accessories

Though they are some of the most advanced sliding door variants, all common methods of customisation are available for tilt-and-slide doors as well:

Choosing the best Material for the Frame

Despite consisting mainly of glass, the right choice of material for the frame profile is vitally important to the proper functionality of your tilt door. Typically, the following materials are available:

  • uPVC
  • uPVC-aluminium composite
  • Wood
  • Wood-aluminium composite

When choosing between wooden and aluminium frames with 5- or 6-chamber profile systems, you are guaranteed excellent thermal insulation, no matter which material you choose. However, if you want to ensure that your tilt-and-slide doors are especially resistant to burglary attempts and inclement weather, you can opt for models with an additional exterior aluminium shell. This shell is installed in a specific way to ensure that it does not have any negative effects on the thermal insulation of the wooden or uPVC frame.

Glazing Options

Tilt-and-slide doors can benefit significantly from advanced glazing variants. Double or triple glazing elements - the space between individual panes filled with noble gasses such as Argon or Krypton - can be installed to significantly enhance thermal insulation by minimising the thermal transmittance properties of the glazed surface.

For reliable noise protection, filling the spaces between individual panes with noise dampening casting resin or combining panes of different thickness and hardness parameters are suitable options for suppressing the direct transfer of sound waves.

Tilt-and-slide doors can also be equipped with laminated safety glass as a measure to enhance burglary protection. These glass panels come with an integrated tear-resistant foil and thus constitute an obstacle that is hard to overcome, even if the glazing has already been shattered.

Reliable Function, thanks to proper Fittings

Different types of door handles and guide rails do not only guarantee comfortable handling, they also provide aesthetic highlights at the same time. If you want to further enhance the burglary protection, you can install additional security fittings such as high-grade steel strike plates or mushroom cams.

To support proper ventilation on hot summer days, various types of construction elements for insect protection are available as well.

Individual aesthetic Design

Tilt-and-slide doors can be customised in almost every aspect concerning their appearance. When decorating the frame and leaf you can choose from the array of colour choices of the RAL colour range. Similarly, a variety of wood-grain decors can be applied via patterned foils. Additionally, seals and fittings can be coloured independently from the rest of the construct.

Once you have chosen a visually appealing tilt-and-slide door, it can be easily customised according to the style of your home's facade, from the fittings to the overall colour scheme.

Is it possible to install Tilt-and-Slide Doors by yourself?

Understandably, many homeowners put great emphasis on particularly high-quality aluminium, uPVC or wooden doors with optimised optional equipment. They willingly invest a little more for doors that are fully customised and offer excellent functionality in all their characteristics, because the quality of such doors alone can already guarantee increased security and decrease heating costs in the long term. Often, these homeowners believe they can effectively save money on the installation instead.

But ideally, tilt-and-slide doors should only be installed by experienced handymen, or better yet by professional craftsmen. Apart from the obvious reasons such as the sealing between frame and door reveal - which has to be perfect in order to function properly - the mounting of the leaf of a tilt-and-slide door is a rather complicated task. Not only do the leafs have to be integrated into the mechanism correctly, but they are also of substantial weight. Thus, they should only be mounted with the help of several people, as weights up to 400 kg are fairly common.

Sophisticated Ventilation Options for your Sliding Doors

If you like sliding doors but also appreciate airing out rooms safely and conveniently with a tilting function similar to what many types of windows offer, tilt-and-slide models are your door of choice. These models combine both functions without lacking in the areas of thermal insulation, noise protection and - perhaps most importantly - security. Modern tilt-and-slide doors are true all-rounders amongst glass doors.

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