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uPVC Windows are affordable, Energy efficient and available in many different Types

Our low maintenance uPVC windows are affordable and impress with excellent thermal insulation and burglary protection properties, as well as with a large variety of available colours and designs. uPVC can easily be processed and therefore be designed from inside and out without much effort. In order to improve insulation, modern windows are manufactured with multi-chamber profiles. They can be ordered in all colours of the RAL colour range. Special glazing and high quality hinges ensure the best possible burglary protection.

Innovative Technology for the highest Requirements

Modern windows have to meet several requirements in terms of function and aesthetics. Besides improving living quality and providing an appropriate opening mechanism, they also have other important tasks in the house. Windows should meet the highest standards in the following areas:

  • Thermal insulation
  • Burglary protection
  • Sound protection

Technological improvements in terms of development and processing ensure the highest quality and help to meet important requirements. Our windows are premium products – no matter whether made of uPVC, wood or aluminium. Of these, windows made of uPVC impress with affordable prices and high adaptability in particular.

Thermal Insulating Materials

Excellent thermal insulation of windows can be provided with multi-chamber profiles in combination with the appropriate glazing. The energy saving window system Energeto achieves U-values of 0,8 up to 0,6 W/(m2K) with various profiles. They can even achieve the values of passive houses. The Energeto ED series offers uPVC windows with the best insulating values. PHDS is the new innovative technology that helps to achieve these low values.

Buy uPVC elements with PHDS technology for excellent heat insulation.

This precise high-pressure foam technology is used to fill the chambers in the uPVC profiles with insulating thermo-foam. The chambers are spread throughout the entire frame of the component, which is why these thermal properties can be significantly improved with these windows.

Glazing is another essential factor for insulation. Whereas double-glazing already offers very good U-values, passive house standards are achieved with three layers. Thermally separated edge compounds ensure the so-called "warm edge" between glass plates and effectively prevent the creation of thermal bridges. The glazing itself can be further equipped with certain features for noise absorption. Besides glass panes in different thicknesses and surface conditions, it is also possible to fill several materials into the spaces between the glass:

  • Gas – Heavy gasses can be filled in the spaces between individual panes. They are capable of absorbing significant amounts of incoming noise.
  • Solids – Fillings with transparent cast resin can properly protect from exterior sounds, while guaranteeing clear sight.
  • Glass arrangement – The arrangement of the panes themselves can significantly impact the sound protection properties of windows. Asymmetric arrangements of thicker and thinner glass panes have a significant influence on sonic behaviour within the uPVC construction element.

Burglary Protection

Many uPVC windows are reinforced with steel inserts in the frame, ensuring stability and improving protection against external forces. But steel is not very energy efficient, due to its properties of conductivity. Although multi-chamber profiles significantly improve thermal insulation values for uPVC windows, steel inserts cannot achieve the best figures.

This is the reason why products of the Energeto series are reinforced with Ultradur® systems. They also consist of uPVC and have essentially lower heat conductivity than steel. Ultradur® is welded into the corners of the uPVC elements and stabilises the entire frame for effective burglary prevention. This step even ensures higher corner strength than steel reinforcements.

Respective glazing plays a significant role in terms of burglary prevention as well. Safety glass is available in various degrees of thickness. The glass plates are connected with special foils that make burglary attempts much more difficult. Broken glass pieces of destroyed glazing will remain in place and the risk of injury is lowered.

Please do not confuse burglary protection glazing with tempered safety glass. When damaged, tempered safety glass breaks into many small pieces to prevent injury. It has no burglar prevention attributes at all.

If you want to equip your uPVC window with further security features, you can install special hinges. They can help upgrade the construction component up to resistance class 2 (RC2). This resistance level features special safety glazing and guarantees sufficient security for your house.

For upper floors, it is often enough to install construction elements with resistance RC2 N. This class offers full-scale security properties only slightly below those of RC2, and at a lower price.

Sound Absorption

When the respective element already has good thermal properties, appropriate sound absorbing glazing can increase the standards.

Below, you can see the three common noise absorption classes for normal living areas.

Besides heat insulation and burglary or sound protection, it is also important to focus on the respective colour of the construction elements.
A building owner can choose between all of the colours of the RAL range and individually design windows and doors.

Sound Absorption Class Noise lowering in decibel (dB) Living Area
2 ≈32 Normal streets with up to 50 cars per hour
3 ≈37 Normal streets with up to 200 cars per hour
4 ≈43 Main streets with up to 3000 cars per hour

Design and Aesthetics

Thanks to its flexible attributes, uPVC is very easy to process. This is the reason why components of this material are available in many shapes – such as roof, dormer or triangular windows.

In order to ensure that all necessary heights and widths are available, our wooden, aluminium and uPVC windows are manufactured individually according to customers’ wishes.

Design your uPVC windows individually and in accordance with your personal requirements.

The aesthetics of a window are not only influenced by different shapes – colour is also very important. Similar to front doors, uPVC windows are available in many different hues. They can be ordered in classic white, but also in all other shades of the RAL colour scale.

The material is coloured with special foils that can even protect the frame from weather influences and scratches. Other features, such as windowsills, become personalised construction elements of your house.

uPVC windows and doors are made to last. They guarantee premium quality, as they are manufactured from special high-performance uPVC materials. These windows are tough and durable, while reliably keeping their shiny appearance for many years.

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