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Choosing the perfect Patio Doors

When purchasing new Patio Doors you can select from various Models, Materials and Colours

To perfectly frame the view from your living room to the garden or patio, you can opt for patio doors with large glazing elements without compromising security. The wide selection of profile materials as well as different types of glazing elements, opening mechanisms and visual designs can be assembled individually. Large glass doors are an aesthetically pleasing and highly practical way of visually connecting your garden with the interior of your home.

Different Shapes and Functions

The term "patio door" primarily describes the installation location of the element - similar to terms such as "front" or "balcony doors" - without actually defining its shape or mechanical function. In fact, any type of door can potentially be installed as a gateway between the living room and the patio:

  • Side-hung inswing systems
  • Lift-and-slide systems
  • Bifold doors
  • Tilt-and-slide mechanisms

These definitions all describe very different opening functions; most systems designed for the patio installation feature large glass surfaces and all opening types show various advantages, defining their suitability for your respective situation and eventual additional accessories.

Simple, yet effective: The inswing Door

This opening type constitutes the traditional system for all common front doors, as well as many balcony and patio variants. The difference between front doors and patio variants of this type is usually the fact that garden doors feature large glazing elements in order to allow a clear view from the house into the garden. Inswing patio doors are often available at affordable prices and their installation is relatively easy.

Please consider that Side-hung doors do require space for the inswing or outswing function to work properly. A lack of space for swinging leafs may require the installation of sliding mechanisms instead.

Lift-and-Slide Systems

Nowadays lift-and-slide models count amongst the most frequently installed variants of sliding doors. They can be used to effectively save space due to their opening mechanism, provided there is enough room to install both the sliding leaf as well as the fixed glazing element. Thanks to their lifting mechanism, these doors offer significantly better thermal insulation and security properties than comparable sliding systems without such a lifting function.

Bifold Doors

The main advantage of patio doors featuring several connected bifold leaf modules is the fact that these can potentially be opened to reveal an unusually large entrance into the house. All of the individual modules can be opened on-by-one, granting enormous flexibility.

Although this type of door does not require much space for the opening procedure, it should be noted that because of constructional constraints, it can, in turn, only be equipped with standard security fittings. Of course, the fact that the folding segments of bifold doors only require a small portion of the space that is needed for the fixed-glazing element of a typical lift-and-slide version is considered to outweigh security concerns.

Tilt-and-Slide Elements

These doors combine the advantages of lift-and-slide models with the typical tilting function of windows, allowing efficient airing out of rooms even in confined spaces. Though, the mechanism behind the tilt-and-slide function might be the most complex of any of the different opening types, it does ensure excellent functionality without compromising thermal insulation and burglary protection.

Deciding on the appropriate Frame Material

If you are looking for the perfect system to separate your garden from the living room without preventing you from having a clear view of the patio, it is only natural that you might want to look into ways of keeping the cost down. After all, these types of doors normally feature particularly large, structurally complex and rather costly glazing elements.

The frame material is often the first aspect that is looked at to lower the costs. However, patio doors are popular targets for burglars, as they consider the garden and patio to be relatively safe, unobserved locations. Thus, if you consider saving money by choosing a less expensive - albeit slightly less robust - material such as multi-chamber uPVC, you will be pleased to know that Neuffer also offers uPVC door profiles that feature additional reinforcement elements.

An additional aluminium shell on the exterior surfaces of the frame can provide any door with excellent durability.

uPVC frames are recommended for anyone looking to save money, as they feature easy-to-clean multi-chamber systems with great thermal insulation properties. Of course, the same attributes can also be ensured with wooden components.

The natural material combines excellent thermal insulation attributes as well as extreme durability - without requiring any additional steel reinforcements. Finally, the rustic appearance of the timber frames turns this material into a choice that allows you to benefit from both practical advantages and pleasing aesthetics.

Meanwhile, frames with aluminium shells mounted on their exterior surfaces are undisputedly first-class components. Wooden or uPVC profiles with light metal shells combine the beneficial attributes of the profile material with the longevity and low maintenance requirements of aluminium. Thanks to this effective combination, composite systems with uPVC or wooden frames are especially resistant to inclement weather and grant excellent burglary protection.

Choosing the appropriate Glazing is of particular Importance

The largest surface area of any modern patio door consists of a glass element. This is the reason why special focus should be set on glazing. Assembled correctly, it can guarantee thermal insulation as well as burglary protection.

Neuffer patio doors can be manufactured with double or triple glazing elements, the spaces between individual panes being filled with noble gases such as argon or krypton to guarantee excellent thermal insulation.

Please pay particular attention to the security aspects. Patio doors are typical entry points for professional burglars as the large glass surfaces are often considered the most vulnerable part of the door. Laminated safety glass can significantly improve the security of patio doors as this type of glazing includes an integrated tear-resistant foil.

Personalise your Patio Door with individual Designs

Any Neuffer system - whether made of wood, aluminium or composite materials - can be coloured using any of the numerous hues from the RAL colour range. Additionally, various foil-based decors as well as colour options for the seals are available. Even the fittings can be coloured individually to create a perfect aesthetic combination with the facade of the house. For example, the frame can be painted in bright and shiny colours to create a visual highlight. Alternatively, it can be coloured using more subdued hues that might compliment the design of the patio, balcony or the entire facade.

All wooden, aluminium and uPVC doors can be equipped with various decors, while composite models even allow the interior and exterior to be designed differently.

Ordering the right Patio Door

All types of patio door systems have different advantages. That being said, all Neuffer models feature excellent thermal insulation and provide superb security for such as critical location as the patio. Furthermore, all components can be individualised to your liking, using a plethora of different colours and decors.

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