Timber Window Classic

The Classic Line

Wooden Components with a perfect Mix of classic Design and modern Functionality

Despite the fact that aluminium and uPVC are very modern materials for fenestration purposes, wooden windows are still quite popular today. The reasons for this are obvious – they provide excellent thermal insulation properties and traditional aesthetics at the same time. Classic line profiles provided by the premium manufacturer IDEAL combine all of the advantages of these three materials and offer classic frame shapes which look good in older buildings as well as in new constructions. All models of this series can be ordered at affordable prices online.

The Details of the Profiles

  • Window systems with layer-bonded timber parts (installation depths of 68 or 78 mm available), with thermally insulating gas-filled glazing inserts (up to 46 mm thickness) – completely sealed with elastic material.
  • activPilot-fittings (with a load capacity of 130 kg, also available in a covered version) with robust strike plates made of steel.
  • Aluminium water drainage channel with an overlapping core cover, elastic covers and wind-protected drainage openings – optional weather-resistant profile cover made from anodized aluminium.
  • Corner connections with pronounced V-shaped joint, edge pins and cams.
  • Casement lifting and malfunction lock working from tilted or opened positions.
  • Brown, beige and even grey colours available for centre and overlapping gaskets.

Frames with numerous practical Advantages

Wood has naturally superb thermal insulation attributes which Classic series frames combine with high-quality insulation glazing.

With appropriate glazing, this type of window can reach a U-value of up to 0.69 W/(m2K), easily meeting passive house standards. Excellent weather resistance is guaranteed by extremely robust aluminium water drainage channels.

But wooden window systems from IDEAL also impress in terms of practical daily usage – solid fittings are fit for the use with heavy loads, granting excellent burglary protection and a high degree of longevity.

In combination with integrated malfunction locks, this not only ensures smooth opening and closing – high-quality handles surrounded by robust materials provide superior durability and longevity as well.

Windows with traditional visual Elements

The timeless aesthetics of IDEAL Classic profiles can be perfectly matched to any house facade. In new constructions, they set aesthetically pleasing accents and do not disrupt the classic architecture in older buildings.

The mix of modern shapes and traditional glazing bar elements creates an optical effect that recalls traditional wooden windows while benefitting from the 21st technology used for construction.

You are interested in the Classic series, but prefer a different style? Softline and Rustic models put an emphasis on the modern or rustic looks respectively, while providing very similar features in terms of thermal insulation and security.

All timbers used in our window profiles are without exception products of quality class A. You can select from many different types of wood and order your Classic profile system made of meranti, spruce, pine or various other high quality timbers.

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