Timber Window Softline

Softline wooden Profiles

Perfect Insulation, Child Safety and pleasing Aesthetics – combined into one Profile System

Windows should primarily protect the home from burglary, energy waste and draughts while providing clear sight. But once these demands are satisfied on the inside, it should also be of significant importance to grant an aesthetically pleasing look on the outside. Our Softline profiles offer rounded shapes for modern aesthetics on wooden windows, while retaining the positive thermal insulation attributes of wood. This type of window is also perfect for families with children as they appreciate the round edges – Softline stands for both high-quality aesthetics and safe use in daily life.

A Detailed View on the System

  • Softline models are available with an installation depth of 68 or 78 mm.
  • Thermal protection is provided by up to 46 mm of gas-filled insulating glass inserts.
  • Excellent humidity control via aluminium water drainage channels and overlapping core cover, as well as wind-protected drainage slots and a light metal casement shell protecting against atmospheric influences.
  • Burglary protected via hidden activPilot fittings and robust strike plates.
  • Confortable and sage use in tilted and opened positions, thanks to casement lift function and malfunction lock mechanisms.
  • Corner connections with pins and V-shaped joints, mushroom cams and edge pins.
  • Centre and overlap gaskets are available in brown, beige, white or grey.

Rounded Corners – Window visual Design

IDEAL wooden window profiles do not only impress with their aesthetic aspects. The Softline series is very similar to Classic line components, though it is noticeably focused on round corners and smooth lines.

While other wooden frames normally have a rectangular design, Softline models offer special shapes creating a particularly modern look. This special design element can be perfectly integrated into your existing wall, creating a natural environment and a warm living atmosphere.

Frame systems with round edges offer excellent usability in children’s rooms – aside from the safety provided, the wood breathes, while providing superb thermal insulation and humidity protection as well.

There is also a large variety of available wood types. For example, larch is a very popular type of wood for Softline elements. But meranti, spruce or oak timbers are also available at affordable prices.

Softline Profiles – Rounded Construction Elements with many Advantages

Construction components with round edges offer many practical aspects, besides their aesthetically pleasing attributes. Properties such as thermal and moisture insulation provide additional security in daily life when combined with a rounded design.

The sharp edges of windows and doors can be a safety risk, especially in young children´s rooms. Softline frames help to prevent such risks at affordable prices.

An integrated malfunction lock additionally prevents children from hurting themselves when opening or tilting the casement. Premium hinges with a load capacity of up to 130 kg grant further safety in cases when the handles are used incorrectly.

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