It is no surprise aluminium windows are highly valued nowadays. Compared to uPVC or timber  windows, they are provide the unmatched weather resistance. At the same time, they are highly stable and make it possible to create large windows. The greatest advantage, however, is the excellent thermal insulation: the Schüco AWS 112 IC (Insulation Cov) is the world's first aluminium window to meet the strict criteria of the passive house. It also combines three decisive advantages in one system: the proven properties of aluminium windows, excellent thermal insulation and narrow profiles - for maximum glass transparency.

The Schüco AWS 112 IC At a Glance


✔ U-value = 0.8 W/(m²K)

✔ 120 mm view width

✔ Triple glazing with Ug value =of 0.6 W/(m²K)

✔ A plastic spacer is used for the entire aluminium window of the
Uwvalue = 0.75 W/(m²K)

✔ Optimised thermal insulation thanks to insulated facing shell with thermal bridge-free fastening.


✔ 3-chamber construction

✔ Centre seal and rebate seal

✔ Special corner and T-connections ensure high stability

✔ Novel principle of thermal insulation in the glass rebate


✔ New sash frame design based on block design: narrow face widths combined with large glass surfaces


✔ Schüco TipTronic® available for motorised hardware solutions


✔ Burglar protection certified up to RC 3

Energy Savings Made Easy

As a result of rising energy prices, aluminium windows pay for themselves after a very short time, as they meet the highest thermal insulation requirements. The passive house certified Schüco AWS 112 IC sets a milestone in energy efficiency. Its excellent insulating properties save valuable energy while protecting the environment.


When selecting your new aluminium windows, pay particular attention to the U-value: this is the heat transfer coefficient, which indicates how much heat can escape to the outside per square metre of window area. This is given in W/m²K. The lower the calculated value, the better the component insulates.

The Schüco AWS 112 IC achieves the excellent value of Uw = 0.75 W/(m²K) for the entire window.

How much can you save with Schüco aluminium window systems?


With a window area of 26.4 m2 you can save up to 51kWh/(m2a) or 730 l heating oil per year.

Designed for You

The narrow profile of Schüco AWS 112 IC with a face width of 120 mm allows you a wide range of design options and large, dramatic windows. It ensures light-flooded rooms and shapes the individual character of a building. How will you individualise your home?

✔ You have access to all RAL colours the RAL colour palette


Environmentally friendly and sustainable finishes

✔ You can design the composite profiles two-colour so that your window frame has a different colour inside than on the outside


✔ From classic powder coating to anodised or self-cleaning surfaces, you have unlimited possibilities for surface finishes

✔ A range of surface treatments are available

✔ Combinable with modern sliding doors and front doors

✔ Numerous accessories, sun and/or insect protection are of course available

Smart Home Solutions for Aluminium Window Systems

With the Schüco AWS 112 IC you get a clear plus in comfort. On request, you can easily transform your home into a Smart Home with innovative technologies such as window opening and closing monitoring or motorised sun and glare protection. Automatic ventilation when the window is closed also ensures that noise, fine dust and allergenic pollen cannot enter the rooms. Another advantage of this system is its energy efficiency - ventilation in winter takes place without energy loss.

Choosing the Right Security Level for Windows

According to recent statistics, burglar in a residential area give up after 60 seconds if unsuccessful. Therefore, added security is a worthwhile investment in your famliy's security. SCHÜCO aluminium systems come equipped with numerous safety features. On the one hand, mushroom-head pins are used which, with their locking mechanism, make it considerably more difficult to break open the window when it is locked. On the other hand, SCHÜCO has developed innovative safety fittings that withstand brute physical force.


✔ The closure monitoring system with SCHÜCO TipTronic®

✔ Lockable handles that secure the sash

✔ Concealed fitting SCHÜCO AvanTec SimplySmart®

The higher the resistance class, the better the protection


Were you aware that most burglaries occur at 10 am during the day?


The perpetrators assume in the morning or morning that nobody is home. Therefore, increase your burglary protection with SCHÜCO security products.


Modern aluminium windows used on the ground floor should meet at least Resistance Class RC 2 N. In the upper floor the RC 1 N is sufficient, if the window is not possible over a fixed access. In summary, windows in each resistance class must resist:


RC 1 N RC 2 N RC 3
  • Must provide protection against physical violence such as counter-attacking, kicking and jumping, a shoulder thrust, pushing up and pulling out.
  • Windows of the RC 1 N class are vulnerable to lever tools
  • Must meet the RC 1 N  standards.
  • Additional protection against the use of simple tools such as wedges, screwdrivers, or pliers
  • Leaving out should no longer be possible
  • The conditions of RC 1 N and RC 2 N must be fulfilled here.
  • At the same time, the window must be able to withstand a second tool used by the perpetrator, such as a screwdriver or cow foot.

For even greater safety, we recommend safety glazing. We offer these as an option for your front door models. Simply selecy it and enjoy higher protection!

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