Aluplast Energeto 8000

The Energeto 8000 Model

Professional Thermal Insulation – aluplast Energeto 8000 with Centre Gasket System

Aluminium and uPVC have naturally lower insulation properties than wood, but they are more robust and need significantly less maintenance. In order to ensure similar U-values with non-wooden materials, it is of essential importance to guarantee additional insulating properties by using advanced manufacturing techniques. Apart from its high quality multi-glazing, Energeto 8000 offers such a modern and innovative insulating system. This feature can even help to meet passive house standards.

The Advantages of an Energeto 8000 Model at a Glance

  • Casement with 80 mm profile width and activPilot hinges guarantees modern and highly functional design and functionality.
  • An installation depth of 85 mm ensures larger chamber systems, improving overall insulation.
  • Three-level centre gasket system guarantees improved heat insulating properties and U-values of up to 0.67 W/(m2K).
  • Sound absorption of Rw ≤ 45 dB with glass thickness between 24 and 46 mm.
  • Extruded sealing and innovative technology for maximum heat resistance.
  • Mushroom cams and strike plates for excellent burglary protection attributes; Energeto 8000 can also be upgraded with resistance class 2 (RC2) features.
  • High degree of sustainability and environmental compatibility thanks to lead, cadmium and barium free material.

First-class Thermal Protection with Chamber Systems

uPVC windows are normally equipped with multi-chamber profiles, additionally filled with insulating material, preventing heat transmittance. In addition, the centre gasket system featuring several individual layers ensures sound absorption and thermal protection.

This model is equipped with double glazing, but can also be ordered with triple glazing. This upgrade allows such windows to achieve excellent U-values that can even meet the standards of passive houses.

Energeto 8000 is ideal for new buildings constructed in accordance with passive house standards. Thanks to multi-chamber systems, three-level centre sealing and optional triple glass panes, it is possible to achieve a U-value of 0.67 W/(m2K).

Practically no Restrictions on Design

uPVC front doors and windows have another advantage. They can be individually designed using almost any colour or decor. The Energeto 8000 can even be upgraded to further improve sound absorption and heat insulation. Possible upgrade features are multi-glazing, hidden corner and stay bearings or additional locking mechanisms.

In addition, Energeto 8000 windows can also be equipped with roller shutters, providing further privacy and burglary protection. And of course, another advantage is the fact that uPVC components are available at significantly lower prices than wooden or aluminium elements.

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