With customers throughout the UK each with a unique project and situation, we receive a number of questions regarding our ordering process. Since our windows and doors are all custom built to your specifications, they are not in-stock and ready to ship from a warehouse. Below is a step by step overview of the entire process, from enquiry to delivery.

Step 1: Send your inquiry

Submit your quote request including the specific products and materials you that interest you. Please include as many details as possible such as measurements, the region and climate in which you live (which can determine the best suited materials), quantity of each item, colour and any accessories required such as window sills, shutters and window screens. We encourage you to attach any plans or drawings you have.

Step 2: Analysis

A member of our sales team will analyse your requirements and determine whether additional information is necessary. If so, they will contact you immediately with further questions or details required to finish your quote. This will happen within 48 hours of receiving your request.

Note: We operate on Central European Time (UTC+1) and are one hour ahead of the United Kingdom.

Step 3:  Receive a free quote

After receiving your inquiry and analyzing your requirements, a sales specialist will send you a free quote based on the information provided. At this point, you can choose to accept the offer, or work with us to adjust it if necessary.

Step 4: Production

Once you are satisfied and accept your quote, we send your order to production. Our production times are fast, averaging just 3-6 weeks. 

Should you have any questions throughout the entire process your sales representative  will be happy to provide you with current information, answer any questions and sometimes even provide pictures from the production floor.

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