As an innovative window profile, Reynaers' MasterLine 8 offers numerous configuration options in terms of design, insulation and security. In line with current architectural trends, the aluminium profile can be used to create large window areas that make the best possible use of incident daylight. Additionally, for the MasterLine 8 the manufacturer places great emphasis on an optimised manufacturing process and simplified assembly of the finished individual elements. This not only enables more efficient production but also saves time and money during installation.

Functional design
Functional design
Renaissance design
Renaissance design
Deco design
Deco design
Block design
Block design

The MasterLine 8 at a glance


  • Feasible in 4 different design variants: Functional, Renaissance, Deco and Block
  • Available as outward or inward opening window
  • Construction depth: fixed frame 77 mm (Functional, Block) or 87 mm (Renaissance, Deco) / casement frame 87 mm
  • Time and cost efficient production and installation

Energy efficiency

  • Suitable for highly insulated, low-energy and passive houses
  • Available in 3 insulation levels: Standard with Uf-value of 1.9 W/m²K, HI with Uf-value of 1.5 W/m²K and HI+ with Uf-value of 1.2 W/m²K
  • Depending on the frame/casement combination and the glass structure, a Uw-value of up to 0.85 W/m²K is possible
  • Insulation level HI+ has new low-emission insulating bars that improve the insulation performance through heat reflection and storage


  • High standard safety of resistance class RC 2
  • Optionally upgradeable to RC 3

The MasterLine 8 profile system is one of the most versatile profiles that the manufacturer Reynaers has to offer. Not only can you choose from four different design variants but each of them is also available in three insulation levels. This allows you to adapt the window perfectly to your requirements, not only visually but also functionally.


Depending on the selected level, the following thermal insulation values can be achieved:

Insulation level Uf-value
Standard 1.9 W/m²K
High Insulation (HI) 1.5 W/m²K
High Insulation+ (HI+) 1.2 W/m²K


To achieve this, the MasterLine 8 is designed as a modern multi-chamber profile. In the standard and HI variants, the profile is divided into several insulating hollow chambers by omega-shaped, glass fiber reinforced polyamide bars.

If you are looking for a highly thermally insulated window, the HI+ insulation level is the best choice. Here, insulating bars with low-emission foils are used, which reflect and store heat and thus increase the insulating performance.

Glazing also plays an important role in thermal insulation. Today, double or triple glazing is common, although you will of course get the maximum insulation with triple glazing. With the right combination of profile and glass, Reynaers' MasterLine 8 is even suitable for low-energy or passive houses.

Different designs make for special variability

The MasterLine 8 is also an all-rounder in terms of its application possibilities. The profile system can be used not only for windows but also for French doors with different threshold solutions. Above all, very large window areas and glass fronts benefit from the stable aluminium construction and first-class thermal insulation.

The MasterLine 8 offers three design variants for different types of facades and building styles. In addition, the profile can also be designed as a block window, so that a total of four options are available.


Functional Design

The flush Functional design is – as the name suggests – above all functional. Designed without unnecessary decoration, the profile is convincing with its unobtrusive and very plain appearance.


Renaissance Design

The distinguished Renaissance design is clearly more classic. The variant appears more angular overall and is a good choice for renovations where the original facade design is to be retained.


Deco Design

Deco is perhaps the most modern of the several design variants. Instead of restraint, it focuses on uniqueness. Bevelled edges create an interplay of light and shadow on the facade.


Block Design

The Block design is also suitable for very minimalist building styles. Here the casement frame is completely covered by the frame. The smooth profile surface makes the glass surface appear all the larger.

All design options can be further adapted to your ideas by using the color scheme. If you place importance on maintaining the characteristic metal aesthetics, we offer so-called anodised colors. In addition to the aluminium look, a steel or bronze look is also possible. We use powder coating for all colors of the RAL palette. Both processes also help to protect the surface from scratches and corrosion.

With MasterLine 8 you benefit from excellent material properties

The fact that aluminium is one of the most popular building materials is mainly due to its high stability. In contrast to steel, aluminium has a lower density and is therefore much lighter at almost the same solidity. This of course makes it the ideal material for durable window profiles with a slim design.

The special strength of aluminium is also a prerequisite for the high security standard of Reynaers MasterLine 8. Furthermore, the standard equipment with security components of resistance class RC 2 ensures reliable protection against burglary.

If you require particularly high protection for your property, we recommend upgrading to security class RC 3.

Reynaers has also optimised the production process for MasterLine 8. This has not only simplified the assembly of the individual components but also the subsequent installation of the finished profile. This saves time and, above all, costs, especially in large construction projects.

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