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Aluminium clad timber windows combine the best features of timber and aluminium into a premium system. The combination of superior craftsmanship, thermal performance and long-term durability make aluminium clad windows ideal for passive houses, renovations, and modern architectural projects alike. With a solid timber frame encased by aluminium on the outside, our windows deliver the traditional cosy appearance on the inside that only timber can. A wide assortment of woods, energy- efficient glazings, and colour options then allow customers much freedom to customise products according to exact requirements and preferences.

The advantages of alu clad timber windows

New-build and renovation projects often come with tricky decisions and trade-offs when it comes to choosing new windows and doors. UPVC is the most affordable material, for example, but aluminium is the toughest and both require little maintenance. Traditional timber windows and doors, on the other hand, offer unparalleled bespoke patterns but require more regular upkeep. Looking to the details, all three can offer good insulation values yet uPVC is the most thermally efficient. With our composite aluminium clad timber profiles, selecting the material for new window and doors doesn't have to be an either-or decision though.

Combining the best of both mediums, traditional timber windows featuring an aluminium exterior offer:

  • Sleek elegance and contemporary design
  • Good thermal performance with options for enhancement
  • Strong weather-resistance and minimal maintenance
  • Long service life expectancy plus durable break-in protection

Although the common affordability of uPVC windows may seem most attractive, quality composite models like aluminium clad windows provide great value for money in the long-term with their impressive price to performance ratio. The robust, low-maintenance aluminium cladding and multi-chamber uPVC core lead to savings on energy bill and repairs, for example, while a prolonged service life reduces the need for frequent replacement.

Increased security with aluclad timber systems

Due to quality fittings and the sleek design of modern windows, it is increasingly difficult for intruders to lift window sashes from their frames during a break-in attempt. Particularly in the case of reinforced wooden profiles, such as aluminium clad windows, attempts at breaking apart the frame then also usually fail due to the materials' high impact-resistance and strength.

At Neuffer, basic security can be enhanced to meet customer requirements. Glazing bars can be added, for example, which add traditional character but can also help to prevent break-ins. A window sensor alarm connected to a smart home can then also be selected, as can laminated safety triple glazing which features foil layers. These layers add further resistance to aluminium clad timber windows and prevent sharp shattering.

To optimise security, the three main targets of a break-in attempt - frame, hinges, and glazing - should all be reinforced to a similar extent, leaving no obvious weak points. After all, even a robust aluminium-timber frame can do little if the glass pane can be easily broken.

Alu clad timber windows with superb thermal insulation

Although 6-chamber uPVC systems are the market leaders in terms of thermal values, solid timber encased by aluminium is a naturally thick combination for windows and front doors alike. This means that alu clad timber profiles can still save on energy bills and provide great protection from water, draughts, and the elements. The high attention to detail paid by our suppliers during manufacturing also plays a role here by ensuring that the wooden core and aluminium shell are assembled in direct contact with each other which helps to retain proper vapour diffusion.

Just as with security, the glazing used in a window with an aluminium-timber frame also plays a role in terms of thermal insulation. The greater the number of glass panes used, the lower and better the u-value (measure of heat loss). Triple glazed windows, for example, can achieve maximum performance by preventing energy loss via conduction. This helps to maintain a stable interior temperature regardless of external weather conditions.

High-Performance alu clad windows with guaranteed durability

Aluminium cladding on products supplied by Neuffer is anodised and powder-coated so that it's highly weather-resistant. Our Alu clad windows have also been designed with effective water drainage in mind and feature a smooth surface which makes for low maintenance as dirt can be easily wiped away.

Please note: Do not use wire brushes or similar when cleaning the frames as they may damage the powder coated aluminium and compromise its water resistance.

Design possibilities for aluclad windows

Alu clad windows combine the best of both materials in terms of function and this also rings true in terms of appearance. A wide variety of quality assured RAL colours can be selected from, for example, for the powder-coated aluminium shell. These are weather-resistant and remain vibrant for years to come, creating a modern finish and ensuring that new alu clad windows can be paired well with building façades.

In terms of the interior appearance, various types of timber are available, such as:

  • Pine
  • Oak
  • Larch
  • Meranti
  • Walnut

These variants each bring a subtly different tone and texture and can even be additionally coated in a RAL colour of choice or stained, which all contributes to a cosy, classic design. The external aluminium cladding and timber interior can also be matched. The metal shell could style a wood replica decor, for instance. Whatever you go for, the choice is yours and our team is on hand to advise and give a free quote for your new bespoke windows.

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