Aluminium windows are becoming increasingly popular. This is because the light metal combines elegant appearance with advanced technology like hardly any other material. The SlimLine 38 profile system from Reynaers brings all these positive characteristics together. The successor to the CS 38-SL has not only been modernised in terms of thermal insulation, but also impresses with its narrow face width and minimalist design in steel look. With the SlimLine 38 you are choosing a top-class window system for both renovations and new building projects.

SlimLine 38 Classic
SlimLine 38 Classic
SlimLine 38 Cubic
SlimLine 38 Cubic
SlimLine 38 Ferro
SlimLine 38 Ferro

Most important facts about the Reynaers SlimLine 38


  • Ultralight multi-chamber system
  • Available in the design variants Classic, Cubic and Ferro
  • Construction depth: Frame 99 mm (Classic) or 76 mm (Cubic, Ferro) / sash profile 86 mm (Classic, Ferro) or 72 mm (Cubic)
  • High weather resistance and resistance to wind load, driving rain, etc.
  • Sound insulation performance up to Rw(C;Ctr) = 45(-1;-5) dB, depending on glazing structure

Energy efficiency

  • Uf-value up to 1.9 W/m²K (depending on frame/casement combination and filling thickness)
  • Uw below 1.15 W/m²K for a standard window (dimensions 1.23 x 1.48 m, Ug 0.6 W/m²K)
  • Glass fibre reinforced polyamide bars (frame 40 mm – casement frame 32 mm)
  • Also available as highly insulating version (HI) for all design variants


  • Meets the high safety requirements of resistance class 2 (RC 2)

Modern aluminium profile in extraordinary steel look

Aluminium has long since conquered its place in window construction alongside the classic materials wood and uPVC – especially in commercial buildings. The light metal is the second most important metal material in the world after steel and was first used by the aerospace industry. Its low weight combined with high stability and its resistance to weathering make aluminium the ideal building material for outdoor use.

The SlimLine 38 from Reynaers knows how to make the best use of the advantages of aluminium. Its strength, which is comparable to steel, is what makes the slim design of the profile possible in the first place. This makes it ideal for replacing old steel frame windows. This is because SlimLine 38 not only picks up on the characteristic, industrial look of steel, but also offers maximum resistance and significantly better thermal insulation.

Three design variants for a unique facade design

The SlimLine 38 is available in three different design variants. This means that the profile can be easily adapted to different building styles while retaining its reduced character.


The design Classic is based on the original design of the CS 38-SL and takes up the sober aesthetics of industrial window profiles. Typical of this are the clear lines and the harmonious construction of the profile, which show the high-quality material to its best advantage.


With its emphatically rectangular design, the design Cubic is the ideal solution for contemporary architectural styles. It is also ideal for the renovation of old steel windows, as it has the same clear expressiveness but with much better insulation.


Form follows function. With this claim, the Ferro design shows the signature of the famous Bauhaus style. Based on Cubic, the profile is merely supplemented by a square detail on the casement, which fits neatly into the modern design.

Thanks to an extensive selection of powder-coated colours, the chosen design can then be further individualised. Alternatively, you can opt for an anodised profile, which retains the natural aluminium look while protecting the surface from corrosion. In addition, all variants can be fitted with rungs to achieve the typical industrial style.

First-class thermal insulation values ensure high energy efficiency

Whether for a private house, office building or industrial building: the thermal insulation is the most important quality feature of a profile system. After all, it is not only a matter of living comfort but also of the energy consumption of a building. The lower the heat transfer coefficient, the less heat is lost and the lower the energy costs.

Reynaers' SlimLine 38 is divided into several chambers for better insulation by means of glass fibre reinforced polyamide bars – a principle that has already proven its worth in uPVC profiles. Depending on the frame and casement combination, Uf-values of up to 1.9 W/m²K can be achieved in this way. Depending on the dimensions and the selected glazing (double or triple), the Uw-value can then be up to 1.15 W/m²K.

Stability and features for reliable protection

Aluminium windows have always been a wise choice especially with regard to security and burglary protection. The SlimLine 38 profile system also benefits from the material properties of the robust light metal and withstands violent attacks without any problems.

This is an advantage even beyond the protective function because even under constant use, aluminium does not scratch easily.

Added to this are high-quality fittings and appropriate security glazing, which means that the Reynaers SlimLine 38 can be assigned to various resistance classes in accordance with DIN standards EN 1627-1630.

Resistance Class 1

Windows of class RC 1 resist physical force but are not protected against attacks with tools. They should therefore be used on the upper floor at most, unless they can be reached via garage roofs, climbing ladders or the like.

Resistance Class 2

The police recommend resistance class RC 2 for the ground floor or all windows and French doors that can be reached from the outside. This means that they are also protected against experienced perpetrators with tools who usually give up if they do not reach their goal within a few minutes.

Resistance Class 3

For properties in unsafe areas and commercial buildings, security class RC 3 is also suitable. Even an experienced burglar can do little to a window profile of this level.


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