Aluminium excels at not just standing up to the elements but continuing to maintain a fantastic appearance with minimal upkeep. UPVC, probably the most widely used material in new windows and doors today, boasts excellent insulation abilities and functionality. Together, aluminium clad uPVC windows provide a premium, modern look for your façade, with great energy efficiency, virtually no maintenance and all at a low cost.

Why Choose Aluminium Clad uPVC?

When the idea to combine aluminium cladding with uPVC window frames was first proposed, it was greeted with scepticism. Today, modern manufacturing technology combined with high quality materials has made aluminium clad uPVC not just a popular choice among homeowners, but an all-round high performance window. Trade-offs are typical when choosing between say performance and looks or between cost and quality. However, with the low cost and excellent insulation values of uPVC and the strength, weather resistance and good looks of aluminium, consumers can enjoy a premium product with across the board performance at a surprisingly low price.

The solid aluminium exterior shell provides long-term durability, added security against break-ins, minimal upkeep requirements and a sharp modern look. The multi-chambered uPVC frame allows for top energy efficiency while not breaking the bank. With a range of colours for both sides and excellent u-factors, aluminium clad uPVC is an excellent choice for those seeking energy efficiency, aesthetics and great value for their money.

Material and Construction

The comparatively low prices of uPVC-aluminium windows compared to those of wooden windows should not distract from the fact that both unplasticised polyvinyl chloride as well as aluminium are processed using highly advanced methods of production before assembly. All high-quality aluminium or uPVC surfaces are anodised  and powder coated to  protect them against corrosion. 

These surface treatment techniques guarantee window frames that combine a long lifespan with the highest possible security, even under adverse weather conditions. Additionally, they make sure that the exterior aluminium shell and the synthetic uPVC from which the interior frames are fashioned, look like new for a long time.

Security you can count on

For doors and windows, aluminium is still the most useful material when it comes to burglary protection, even surpassing wood. Non-reinforced uPVC windows can become slightly warped if strong force is applied, allowing intruders easy access to the locking mechanism. Their wooden counterparts, on the other hand, can allow burglars to illegally enter the house by first breaking apart the timber frame using heavy tools such as crowbars.

In contrast to this, high-quality aluminium is almost indestructible without the use of power tools. It certainly cannot be easily destroyed within the timespan an intruder usually has in a residential area and under normal circumstances. Not only does the exterior shell provide protection from the forces of nature, but it also adds significantly to the overall security of your home. Combined with additional elements such as security glass or glazing bars, composite windows offer better security than those made solely from uPVC, and even exceed the burglary protection qualities of wooden frames without an exterior shell.

Familiarising yourself with the available Products

uPVC and aluminium composite windows come in a wide range of possible types and models, all of them offering their own advantages. The models of the TwinSet series, for example, are of particularly high quality, offering sophisticated 5- or 6-chamber profiles and three levels of seals, which is why they feature extremely favourable U-values between 0.73 and 0.87 W/m2K even with normal double glazing, meeting energy efficiency standards while limiting the installation depth required. The basic model of the TwinSet series - with its two mushroom cam systems, double security strike plates and activPilot fittings - offers a level of burglary protection equal to solid aluminium windows.

Do not use hard or abrasive materials such as steel wool when cleaning your windows, as their anodised or powder coated surfaces could become damaged and lose their protection against corrosion.

The full Range of Design Possibilities available

Both aluminium and uPVC windows can be easily lacquered in all shades of the RAL colour range, offering enormous customisation potential. The black and white seals typically fit perfectly with any choice of colour. That being said, not only can you choose from a plethora of different shades, but also pick separate designs for the interior and exterior surfaces. This technique allows you to, for example, underline the very modern appearance of the exterior metal surface by choosing a muted shade while simultaneously brightening the uPVC interior using friendly pastels. If you value affordable products with excellent thermal insulation qualities but prefer the traditional look of wood, both sides can also be equipped with wood-grain decor foils.

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