Aluplast Ideal 8000s

aluplast IDEAL 8000S Windows

Modern and energy efficient Windows can be affordable as well

uPVC windows employ various types of profiles. Thus, you can find various premium class models in terms of quality, functionality and energy efficiency, fit for new building, old buildings and passive houses as well. Modern uPVC windows are generally available at quite affordable prices, however. The IDEAL 8000S offers a particularly beneficial price-performance ratio. This type of profile is especially convincing in terms of thermal insulation, sound absorption and burglary protection.

Technical Details

  • Aluplast windows with standard glazing.
  • Frame width 80 mm.
  • 85 mm installation depth for larger chambers.
  • Centre gasket system with three levels; available in papyrus white or black with coloured decors.
  • Excellent thermal insulation with Uw-values of up to 0.67 W/(m2K) (reference size of 1230 x 1480 mm).
  • Possible glass thickness between 24 and 51 mm (half-recessed up to 59 millimetres).
  • Sound absorption: Rw ≤ 44 decibels.
  • activPilot-hinges offer ergonomic functionality and simple yet pleasing design.
  • Basic safety measures with two mushroom cams and dual strike plates.
  • Available in white and using one of several different decors.
  • Extremely weather-resistant because of uPVC elements and modern material technology.
  • Extruded sealing improves weather resistance further.
  • 98.2 % of the materials are recyclable.
  • uPVC profiles free of lead, cadmium and barium.

Optional features:

  • Hidden drainage system.
  • Upgrade to resistance class II (RC2).
  • activPilot Select, hidden stay and corner bearings.
  • activPilot Comfort technology with parallel positioning mechanism.
  • High-Control: magnetic sensors providing electronic surveillance.

IDEAL 8000S is a solid Frame featuring highly efficient Thermal Insulation

Similar to the aluplast IDEAL 8000 variant, the 8000S series relies on multi-chamber profiles with an installation depth of 85 mm. In combination with triple glazing and an efficient centre gasket system, IDEAL 8000S enables you to save large amounts of energy.

The greater installation depth further ensures enough space for larger insulation chambers in the frame.

This is reflected in the typical U-value of IDEAL 8000S components. These can reach up to 0.67 W/(m2K) and are therefore properly equipped for stringent requirements.

Six-chamber systems guarantee excellent thermal insulation values.

IDEAL 8000S Models feature superb Sound Protection Properties

The sound absorption values of the IDEAL 8000S series are sufficient for living situations in most areas. Sound protection values of Rw ≤ 44 decibels can grant a quiet environment even in populated cities.

In many cases, it is generally recommended to install components which protect against 20 – 25 decibels at night and 30 – 35 decibels during the daytime.

Note that your IDEAL 8000S uPVC window can be additionally equipped with glazing bars. The Helima bar, for example, is a powder-coated aluminium bar which is installed in the interior space between the glass panes.

Your own personal Design

Your IDEAL 8000S window can be easily adjusted to your personal preferences at affordable prices. The design options are practically limitless.

The available design range covers traditional wood aesthetics and modern aluminium shades in almost any colour. Use our colour charts to get an overview of the range of options available.

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