High-quality aluminium windows (and doors) are enjoying increasing popularity. Even more weather-resistant and durable than windows manufactured of uPVC, they convince with their timeless design, high stability and also meet high requirements in terms of burglary protection.

Their low weight makes them easy to install, and their long service life makes several generations happy.
Thanks to sophisticated construction technology, they also score in terms of thermal insulation and energy efficiency.

Aluminium windows are available in many different designs and can also be colored according to the buyer's wishes. Uncomplicated care and low maintenance are just two of their many advantages.

At Neuffer you will find a wide portfolio of bespoke aluminium windows from the two manufacturers Reynaers and Schüco. Choose for your new windows from numerous, ultra-modern profile variants.

Timeless design meets high stability and security

Modern windows with aluminium frames and facades with aluminium elements have become standard, especially in the installation of commercial buildings and contemporary office buildings. However, they are also increasingly in demand for private buildings.

Each material brings individual advantages and disadvantages. While uPVC windows score above all with low prices, wooden windows by nature provide good thermal insulation. Aluminium windows prices cannot compete with those of uPVC windows, but the highest quality and numerous positive characteristics compensate for their comparatively high price and makes them very cost-effective.

The intrinsically lower thermal performance of the material is compensated for in modern aluminium window systems by innovative technologies.

Aluminium windows are characterised by slim profiles and narrow face widths, which combine low weight with enormous durability and dimensional stability.
These features allow the production of exceptionally large windows with huge glass surfaces and thus maximum incidence of natural light.

Aluminium can - in contrast to other materials like wood or wood-aluminium - be brought into almost every conceivable shape, which is why windows can be realised in the most diverse forms. For additional creative freedom, the homeowner can choose from different colours of the RAL colour palette for both the inside and outside of the windows.

Safety, stability and comfort

As a material, aluminium offers high strength and resistance to moisture, rust and scratches. It is extremely weather-resistant and durable. These material properties are the reason why aluminium windows require little maintenance and no painting whatsoever, yet still have an above-average service life. As aluminium windows are by nature particularly stable, they guarantee a high level of basic and burglary resistance. This can optionally be upgraded to RC3. The use of lockable handles and special security fittings can also serve to further increase security. As aluminium is non-combustible as a metal, aluminium windows also make a valuable contribution to fire protection.

Thermal efficiency and sustainability

Aluminium is a light metal and therefore has a high thermal conductivity, which is initially not conducive to thermal insulation. Windows made of timber therefore naturally have better insulation values than aluminium windows. However, the manufacturers of the aluminium windows we offer counteract this with innovative product systems and high-quality glazed elements. Energy-efficient frame systems with thermal break as well as advanced glazing like double glazing or triple glazing and warm edges reduce heat losses and allow considerable savings in energy and thus heating costs. As a result, the higher price of the acquisition is amortized in the long run. The weaker thermal properties of aluminium as a material are not only compensated for thanks to new types of thermal insulation materials and insulation systems, but in some cases even raised to passive house standard, which means that optimum Uf-and Uw-values can be achieved. Since windows made of aluminium are largely recyclable, they are sustainable even beyond their very long service life.

Optics and design

With their slim sashes and high-quality appearance, aluminium windows meet even the highest demands for modern design. Due to the enormously low weight and at the same time high form stability, above-average large window areas can be constructed. The choice of window shape is almost unlimited with the material aluminium. From usually rectangular to round arched to trapezoidal casements, various wishes can be realised. Apart from the choice of shape, there are also hardly any limits to the colour options. The outside as well as the inside of your aluminium windows can be any colour of the RAL palette. Even realistic looking wood decors are possible, for example. Both sides can be designed the same or different. Thus, elegant aluminium windows with their slim face widths and their individual look fit perfectly to any architectural style. Due to the vast design possibilities of the entire window, the optical adaptation to your entrance door, balcony door, etc. is also possible without any problems. The special coating process protects the colour, geometry and design of your windows regardless of the environment or weather conditions. The reason for this is the special coating process in which the colour fuses with the aluminium and forms a stable protective layer.

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