Aluplast Ideal 5000s

The aluplast IDEAL 5000S System

Energy-efficient Multi-Chamber Profile Systems with proper Price-Performance Ratio

Anyone looking for high-quality uPVC windows can select from a large variety of models. Besides affordable models and premium systems, there is a wide product range of high-quality models in the middle-class section. Aluplast IDEAL 5000S components impress with excellent cost-benefit ratio, as energy efficiency and thermal insulation properties remain at a high standard. IDEAL 5000S components offer excellent burglary prevention and sound absorption properties, due to modern technological innovations and various other features.

IDEAL 5000S – Important Facts

  • uPVC windows with conventional glazing
  • Frames with a width of 70 or 80 mm
  • Middle gasket system with three levels (in papyrus white or black with decor elements)
  • Thermal insulation with a Uw-value up to 0,75 W/(m2K) (reference size: 1230 x 1480 mm)
  • Thickness of glass plates from 24 up to 41 mm
  • Noise absorption of Rw ≤ 45dB
  • activPilot hinges with excellent functionality, ergonomics and tasteful design
  • Basic security features with two mushroom cams and strike plates
  • Available in white or with different decors (70 mm frame only available in white)
  • Especially resistant to weather damages because of modern treated uPVC material
  • Extruder-applied sealing guarantees great weather resistance
  • All materials are up to 98,2 % recyclable
  • All profiles are free of lead, barium and cadmium


  • Hidden drainage elements
  • Improved security with a resistance class up to and including RC2
  • activPilot Select features, with hidden corner and stay bearings
  • activPilot Comfort with parallel positioning
  • High Control = Magnetic contact sensors for electronic surveillance

Improved thermal Insulation with Centre Gasket Systems

Effective insulation needs reliable sealing – inside and outside. In order to ensure this, IDEAL 5000S frames feature a centre gasket system with two hollow sealing chambers, the outer chamber being separated from the inner one.

While the aluplast IDEAL 5000 model offers a very good U-value of 0,86 W/(m2K), the 5000S variant can achieve an U-value of up to 0,75 W/(m2K) thanks to the technology and material used in its construction.

Great thermal insulation offering high energy efficiency.

Proper Sound Protection with IDEAL 5000S

Noise pollution is ever increasing in our daily lives. Because of this, one important factor for building owners is the question of whether the windows in a house are sound absorbing or not. The sound protection attributes of IDEAL 5000S systems can soften incoming sound by almost 45 decibels (Rw).

Noise pollution in a village is normally around 60 dB, whereas the noise pollution in cities can reach 70 dB. IThe right components can protect from sounds and ensure very good living and sleeping conditions.

Modern Hinges offer the best Burglary Protection

Standard IDEAL 5000S models are equipped with activPilot hinges, ensuring proper basic security attributes. Several additional features can further improve the security of your system. For example, uPVC windows with security hinges can achieve resistance class 2. Special strike plates and mushroom cams additionally improve burglary protection and guarantee protection against drilling attempts.

Individual Designs of IDEAL 5000S Systems

uPVC windows are normally delivered in white standard colouring – but various designs and colours allow for a large variety of individualisation. Whether you prefer a traditional wooden decor or a modern aluminium aesthetic – allow yourself to get inspired by our large variety of available RAL colours.

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