French Door Security

Enjoy Beauty and Peace of Mind

French doors are a favourite feature among homeowners, both for their beautiful appearance and ability to create a large open space. With large glass surfaces running the length of each door, they add great views, natural light and a touch of the outdoors. The same large glazed surface however, can also be a potential vulnerability if not properly secured. Luckily, there is wide variety of additional fittings and options for boosting the security of these and other patio doors. 

Why is it so important to secure your French Door?

Patio doors and French doors are especially popular targets for burglars for three main reasons.

First, they are typically situated in the back or side of the house and cannot be seen from the street. For burglars, this lowers the risk of being seen, giving them more time to attempt entry without being discovered. 

Laminated safety glass is the best method of securing any ground level door or window. A special foil between the panes maintains the integrity of the glass, even when struck. 

Second, most French doors feature larger glass surfaces than standard entrance doors. Since it is easier and faster to simply shatter the glass instead of breaking open solid aluminium, wood or even uPVC doors, a typical burglar would prefer this approach whenever possible. 

Last but not least, most homeowners tend to put more emphasis on the security of their main entrance at the cost of side, rear and patio doors. While the entrance is often equipped with upgraded security cylinders, alarms and deadbolts, the French door is neglected. Burglars are well aware of this and thus usually check these areas first. By properly outfitting your French door with additional measures, you can turn it into a visible deterrent and help prevent problems before they start as crooks look elsewhere.

Door Security Options for French Doors

There are many ways to increase the security of any entrance, varying in terms of price and efficiency. The most common devices include:

  • Laminates safety glass (interior, exterior or both panes)
  • Impact resistant glass
  • Advanced locking mechanisms
  • Lockable handles or knobs
  • Electronic alarm systems
  • Security fittings with multiple pins and bolts

Combining several of these options is recommended based on your neighborhood, location (urban, suburban, rural) and other factors. 

Locks and lockable Handles

Any door's security can be improved to resist forced entry with better locks, bolts and hinges. This includes not just multipoint locking along the door frame but lockable handles as well.

Home Security Systems

An alarm system is a major deterrent for any criminal. Even if your house was not equipped with one when built, there are a wide variety of options including modern electronic systems that can integrate with your smart home and even alert you via an app on your mobile phone.

Security Fittings

Special security fittings are another option that should definitely be employed and multiple levels are available based on your needs. These are known by the European standard Resistance Class (RC). RC1 and RC2 are the most commonly used for residential purposes.

Mushroom cams integrated into the frame profile on multiple sides, while covered hinges prevent even an outswing door from being pried open. While upgrading hardware does come at somewhat higher cost, it is offset by the additional security and peace of mind.

The Glass Itself

Since the glass surface of a French door is one of its potential weak points, using laminated safety glazing is strongly recommended. Particularly in remote areas, where detecting intruders may take longer than in a busy neighbourhood, this type of glazing adds reliable protection to the large glass surfaces of your French door. While nothing is impossible to break given enough time, laminated and impact resistant glass raises the barriers high enough to ensure that the time, effort and commotion will outweigh any perceived benefits of trying.

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