Double French Doors

Unique Functionality and Elegance

Double French doors are the ideal way to add natural light and flexibility while adding an attractive feature to the room. Double French doors can become the centre piece of any facade or balcony with their large glazed surfaces and ability to create large open spaces. Neuffer offers bespoke French doors custom built to meet your exact requirements. Whether they are internal French doors or open to a balcony, you have the choice of multiple frame materials, operating styles, decorative options and fittings.

Styles and Frame Materials for French Doors

Neuffer custom builds French doors in four frame materials: uPVC, timber, aluminium clad uPVC and aluminium clad timber. Each offers a unique combination of advantages and can be individualised to fit your size, colour, style and architectural requirements. We also offer a large range of wood types including oak, pine, larch, meranti and many more. 

Today, French doors most commonly feature a tilt and turn mechanism. Like standard casement windows, they can be swung open by turning the handle 90 degrees. Alternatively, they can be tilted for ventilation with a 180 degree turn of the handle. We can also produce double doors that open either inwards or outwards depending on your local and personal preference. 

Glazing wise, clear glass is standard while those seeking a degree of privacy may also opt for frosted glass for example. 

If you're looking for double doors, other opening styles are also available including:

  • Tilt and turn 
  • Tilt and slide 
  • Bifold (folding)
  • Lift and slide 

Bifold doors can be produced with just two segments whereas sliding doors will generally require a larger opening to fit both the fixed and sliding portions. 

Choosing a Frame Material

Once you've decided on the opening style best suited to your project, the next important choice is that of material. uPVC, timber and aluminium clad versions all come with a unique combination of insulation, security and durability features, not to mention appearance.

Whatever your budget, even the most affordable materials can be upgraded with additional fittings and insulating features if required which can bring them to the same level as other models.

Aluminium cladding will boost the durability, security and looks of wood and uPVC frames.

Natural wood boasts great insulation and strength right out of the door without additional reinforcement, foam or internal chambers. It provides a warm, authentic and natural look for any home while requiring a bit more upkeep than synthetic materials like uPVC. Aluminium cladding represents the best of both worlds. For those on a stricter budget, aluclad uPVC provides solid security, insulation and aesthetics at a great price.

For the ultimate bespoke solution and unparalleled aesthetics, aluclad timber frames are second to none. They feature a sleek modern look outside and robust weather resistance. This adds up to minimal upkeep over the years and the same cosy look of wood indoors. As with windows, there are a wide range of further options that can be fitted to reach the thermal insulation, sound reduction and security needs of your project. 

Double French Sliding Models

French doors with sliding functions can be constructed with two or more leafs very easily, creating a unique impression with particularly large glass surfaces as a result. Moreover, they are also suited for very small balconies, as they do not feature swinging leafs which might take up valuable space.

Last but not least, sliding models can be installed with flush mounted guide rails in the floor. Combined with the large doorway, this allows barrier free access for children, the elderly and handicapped. 

Security for double French Doors

To improve security for external doors, emphasis should be placed on safety fittings - most importantly the locks and related mechanisms. A double door with a strike plate is already well equipped, but depending on the construction of frame and leafs, additional security measures might be advisable. Since double French doors are essentially large casement windows, they feature a large glazed surface which should be upgraded as well. You have the choice of toughened glass for safety or laminated safety glass for security and impact resistance. 

Such is the case with a double French door without a central mullion for support. Here, it is essential to install additional locking mechanisms. Additional mushroom cams on the top and bottom of the leafs are usually enough to secure any double French door. PVC profiles without a mullion should especially be equipped with steel inlays to prevent it from warping due to outside forces.

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