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Timber Profiles

Like a piece of fine furniture or beautiful flooring, our bespoke timber bifold doors reflect the same engineering expertise and quality Germany is renowned for. Neuffer will work with you to create a custom bi-fold door to fulfil your vision and perfectly match your home. Timber folding doors create a warm elegant look when closed and huge uninterrupted spaces when opened. Easily extend your living room into the garden with doors that practically disappear.

Design Your Own Door

With nearly a century and a half of experience, our knowledge and experience ensures we can help you design a unique bifold door that will complement and enhance your home for years to come. Bi-fold doors also go one step further in terms of custom options to include the opening mechanism itself. With multiple panels connected to one another, you can decide whether they should all fold away to the left, right or both.

Bi-fold doors offer the further advantage of being particularly easy to use in very large openings. Being split into an accordion like string of connected sections, the overall system can easily be shortened or lengthened with additional panels. Guide rails above and below make folding them a breeze and determine the opening configuration (e.g. left, right or both). Special German-made hinges and other hardware allow the individual pieces to pivot vertically and fold up concertina style.

A Wide Range of Timber Species

As with our windows, timber bifold doors are available in many species of hardwood and softwood including, but not limited to:

  • Meranti
  • Oak
  • Larch
  • Pine
  • Spruce
  • Eucalyptus

Our selection of timber species is too long to list. If it's not listed here, just contact us with your preference and door specifications.

The Beauty and Benefits of Timber

Despite modern building materials such as fiberglass, uPVC and aluminium, timber remains popular as ever, competitive in performance and unmatched in appearance. Moreover, it is a renewable resource, better for the environment and fully recyclable. Timber has been at the core of our products since we started to manufacture them in 1872. With a range of glazing options, they can be designed, shaped, painted and configured in nearly any style you wish.

Timber's many advantages include:

  • Aesthetics
  • Great sound and thermal insulation
  • Weather resistance
  • Durability and Security
  • Kerb appeal and increased home value

Furthermore, the entire RAL colour range is available as well as a host of natural finishes and stains should you wish. Our folding doors are all delivered prefinished including special surface treatments to improve their weather resistance, ability to repel water and look. Most of the process is done by hand, not machine. Complement your project with high-quality wood and give it a one-of-a-kind look that will be appreciated for decades to come.

Thermal and Acoustic Insulation

Solid timber needs no further help, complex internal chambers or additional foam to provide great insulation and U-values. Mother nature has already seen to that. With glass taking up the larger percentage of overall surface area though, your choice of glazing is particularly important. Since bi-folding doors tend to be even larger than other types of patio door, it is all the more important to ensure the glazed surfaces feature increased security in the form of laminated safety glass as well as double or triple glazing to boost the overall U-values and energy-efficiency.

Why Choose Bi-fold Doors vs French and Sliding Doors?

French doors have long been the most typical and are nearly synonymous with patio door. They are best suited for smaller wall openings though they take up additional space by swinging inwards or outwards. Folding patio doors, however, can open all in one direction, in the middle, or in both directions.

Compared to sliding doors, bi-folding doors open entirely whereas sliders can only open over half of the overall door space. Since folding doors are made up of several panels, they also typically have more locking points and make it easier to install blinds. There is also no threshold as they are flush with the floor making them automatically barrier-free whereas sliding doors have to be additionally configured to be so.

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