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Modern aesthetics combined with durability

Our aluminium systems

Timeless elegance, high security and extraordinary durability - these characteristics are combined in an aluminium french door. The light metal is a popular material to manufacture french doors and windows of excellent quality in both commercial and private construction.

Such products are in the upper price segment, but you will benefit from some significant advantages when choosing an aluminium french door.

These include excellent burglary protection, low maintenance and above-average durability. You can choose between different high-class profiles for your requirements and purpose.

You can also choose from a wide range of colour options for an individual look.

Aluminium french doors for strength all along the line

In general, it can be said that the prices for doors and windows made of aluminium are higher than for other materials such as uPVC or timber. However, what a corresponding product costs depends primarily on the variant and design chosen.

At Neuffer we offer you a wide range of options to customise your aluminium french door to suit your requirements and purpose. For example, the following aspects of aluminium french doors can be varied as required:


  • Glazed elements
  • Opening mechanism
  • Colour design
  • Burglary protection (resistance classes)
  • Thermal insulation

Advantages of aluminium

As aluminium proves to be extremely light and yet extremely stable, even very large areas of glass can be realised. As a metal, the material itself has a high thermal conductivity and therefore less thermal insulation than timber, for example.

The manufacturers of our aluminium french doors, Reynaers and Schüco, counteract this, however, with specially developed insulation technology, whereby the material disadvantage in terms of insulation can be compensated for in our aluminium french doors and even passive house standards can be achieved.

A french door made of aluminium cannot compete with the low prices of a PVC french door, but such a door scores with advantages such as high security and little need for maintenance. In view of this, as well as the long product life, you get excellent price-performance-ratio when you choose an aluminium french door.

The following profiles are available for your aluminium french door

In order to be able to select the ideal product for every building project, we at Neuffer offer you a portfolio of different high-quality aluminium door systems from the manufacturers Reynaers and Schüco.

Reynaers MasterLine 8

The Reynaers MasterLine 8 is highly configurable with 3 design variants, each with 3 different insulation levels. Choose from the available door designs FUNCTIONAL, RENAISSANCE or DECO to match the desired architectural style. Even balcony accesses with low thresholds can be realised with MasterLine 8. The french doors of these insulation levels meet the criteria for installation in low-energy and even passive houses and contribute to the high energy efficiency of your building. The installation of this profile is relatively simple and therefore efficient in terms of time and price.

Reynaers MasterLine 8 exterior view
Reynaers MasterLine 8

Reynaers CS 77

A thermal break is used in the CS 77 for french doors and windows. With this design, the manufacturer focuses on security, thermal insulation and stability. The polyamide multi-chamber hollow webs reinforced with glass fibre help the CS 77 achieve excellent thermal insulation values. With its special safety-enhancing properties such as bullet resistance and fire resistance, the durable CS 77 is even suitable for building concepts with enormous safety requirements. It is also certified for being hurricane proof. In addition, this french door profile harmonises with any architectural style thanks to the 4 available design variants.

Reynaers CS 77 interior view
Reynaers CS 77

Reynaers SlimLine 38

You want clear design and even more natural light in your living space? The SlimLine 38 allows the use of large glass surfaces and a maximum of incident daylight thanks to its ultra-slim face widths and high stability. The door and window system is available in three different designs and is suitable for both new buildings and renovations. The SlimLine 38 achieves excellent thermal insulation values. Thanks to their steel look, French windows of this profile are the perfect replacement for old steel profiles with low thermal insulation when converting old industrial and brick buildings.

Reynaers SlimLine 38 exterior view
Reynaers SlimLine 38

Schüco AWS 75

Schüco AWS 75 interior view
Schüco AWS 75

Schüco AWS 75 is an aluminium profile series for windows and french doors with a basic depth of 75 mm. It offers numerous design variants and opening options. Innovative insulating materials help the optimised version of the AWS 75 achieve a Uf-value of 1.1 W/m²K. Due to the excellent thermal insulation and high recyclability, components of this series are suitable for installation in sustainable building concepts. As this profile is extremely slim but nevertheless stable, exceptionally bright working and living spaces are made possible. Above-average ventilation elements with a sash weight of up to 250 kg and an opening angle of up to 180° are possible.

Schüco AWS 90

The AWS 90 series with a construction depth of 90 mm focuses equally on aspects of design and sustainability. The series provides excellent thermal insulation and combines the AWS 90.SI+, AWS 90.BS.SI+ and AWS 90.SI+Green systems. Thanks to special insulation components, the AWS 90.SI+Green version can achieve a Uf-value of ≥ 0.71 W/m²K. In addition to great CO2 saving potentials, it also offers passive house certification. French doors from this Schüco series allow filigree face widths with large areas of glazing and various opening types. In terms of aesthetics, a noble and clear block design is also possible.

Schüco AWS 90 interior view
Schüco AWS 90

Schüco AWS 112 IC

Schüco AWS 112 IC interior view
Schüco AWS 112 IC

The AWS 112 IC (Insulation Cover) from Schüco was the first aluminium window model in the world to be completely surface-coated with a narrow face width of just 120 mm and at the same time certified for passive houses. This product combines the well-known and proven benefits of aluminium windows with excellent thermal insulation properties (U-value = 0.8 W/m²K) and a slim-line aesthetic in block design appearance.

Versatile in terms of colour

You can choose from many different colours when designing your french door. Unlike a french door made of timber, an aluminium french door can take on any RAL colour from the comprehensive RAL colour palette. If you would like to keep the look rather simple, we recommend, for example, the colour RAL 9016, a classic white. If you like it eye-catching and unusual, you can also go for bright colours such as a strong red. When coating our aluminium french doors, we use special processes that guarantee a long-lasting colour layer of the highest quality.

Individual exit to the balcony

Like french doors made of timber-aluminium, uPVC or plastic-aluminium, there are also different opening mechanisms and lockings for those made of aluminium. In addition to the classic side-hung window opening, the turn-tilt variant is also very popular. A tilt and turn french door is suitable if you want the possibility of a permanent air exchange without having to open the french door completely.

We also offer a selection of high-quality window handles in colours such as white, silver, gold, bronze, black, etc. For added security we also have lockable window handles in our portfolio.

In addition, fly screens and roller shutters are also a popular additional option when installing french doors.

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