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Modern aperture to nature

Our aluminium systems

The mechanism of a bi-folding door used to be popular particularly for interior room dividers.

Thanks to innovative technology and excellent thermal performance, bifold doors are now in no way inferior to other door systems such as tilt and slide doors or lift and slide doors.

A bi-fold door is also perfectly suited as a patio door or for your balcony and available at reasonable prices.

Each element has its own frame and runs in special rails. The elements can be easily slid aside and folded like an accordion.

An aluminium folding door is suitable for everyone who wants to enjoy a maximum view.

Panorama without limits

Do you want light-flooded rooms that allow generous access to the terrace or balcony? With their characteristic design, aluminium folding sliding doors are an excellent option for this purpose. Bifold doors consist of any number of individual modules that are connected to each other and to which special rollers are mounted. These rollers run smoothly in rails on the ceiling and floor side, making the bi-fold door easy and convenient to operate. The special fittings allow vertical rotation of each panel and can be slid together.

This design allows a highly individual opening width. In addition - unlike tilt and slide doors or lift and slide doors - it is possible to open an aluminium folding door almost completely across the entire width of the frame. In the case of bi-folding doors, glass fronts of very large dimensions can be realised by the construction of individual elements with slim frames. Frames made of aluminium also provide additional stability.

A plus in comfort

In addition to high functionality, aluminium bifold doors increase your home comfort at a reasonable cost. They are available both opening inward and outward. With a low threshold or even at ground level, a bi-fold door can also contribute to barrier-free space. Modern aluminium bifolds can certainly compete with doors made of other materials such as timber in terms of thermal insulation and energy efficiency.

Excellent thermal properties can be achieved through insulation technology specially developed for aluminium profiles, high quality glass and special seals between the individual door modules. The low maintenance effort required with an aluminium folding door is also worthy of special mention, as the material is extremely durable and does not wear out.

Noble and timeless optics

Aluminium doors and windows are timeless classics. They fit in perfectly with any architectural style, while appearing more luxurious than doors made of uPVC. A further advantage of aluminum folding doors is our extensive range of design options.

The frames are designed according to your wishes using special coating processes. The outside and inside do not have to have the same look, even different colours are modern and popular.

At Neuffer we offer you a choice of two high-quality aluminium profiles for bifold doors

These are, among other aspects, variable in terms of:

  • Number and size of the individual modules
  • Colour coating
  • Glazing

Reynaers CF 77

The CF (Concept Folding) 77 is a stable, highly insulating profile for aluminium bifold doors with an installation depth of 77 mm. With its aesthetically narrowly framed elements, it provides a generous view of the terrace or nature, making the interior appear larger.

Depending on individual requirements and the installation situation, the CF 77 can be used to create doors with 2 to 8 elements. Each module can have dimensions of up to 1200 x 3000 mm, glazed elements up to 63 mm thickness and a weight of up to 120 kg. The integrated and centrally installed system with floor rollers ensures user-friendly and easy operation. The first door sash can also be used as a window or French door due to a turning mechanism.

In addition to the design variant "Functional", you can choose the even thinner Slim-Line version CF 77-SL for maximum light incidence. Both the functional and the slim version of this folding door are available with 4 different threshold solutions each.

While the "High Performance" version defies even extreme weather conditions with driving rain and high wind loads, the "Double Weather Seal" version is particularly suitable for renovations and combines high weather resistance with a low threshold. The "Low Treshold" option offers a low treshold with height of 18 mm. very low threshold. With the "Flat Bottom" option, a completely level and barrier-free access is guaranteed, which is particularly suitable for very frequently used entrances and exits.

The CF 77 profile meets the highest technical demands. In addition, its fittings meet the security requirements of resistance class 2 (RC 2) for all variants, thus offering reliable burglary protection.


Reynaers CS 77 interior view

Schüco ASS 70 FD

With the ASS 70 FD from Schüco, you are choosing a thermally insulated folding door system for public and private buildings.


Schüco ASS 70 interior view

With slim visual widths from 120 mm and vent sizes up to 1200 x 3000 mm, large glazings can also be achieved with this profile. The individual modules can be equipped with glazing between 6 and 45 mm and each weigh up to 100 kg. The construction depth of the sash frame is 70 mm.

The folding mechanism operates to the right or left as well as inwards or outwards. Optionally, a magnetic locking function holds the sashes together in their open position. If desired, individual sashes can also be equipped with a turn or turn/tilt function.

For easier or even barrier-free access, the folding sliding door can be installed with a flat threshold.

In addition to the number and size of the leaves, you also have a wide range of options when it comes to the colour of the outside and inside of your new aluminium door. They can be individually coated with different designs in the various door colours of the RAL colour palette.

The ASS 70 FD bifold system offers high security due to the use of fittings of resistance class 2 (RC 2). Depending on the glass used, it also achieves noise protection properties up to sound insulation class 4, i.e. it has an optional sound insulation value of 44 dB.

In addition, this profile scores with excellent weather resistance and tightness.

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