Aluminium clad timber doors incorporate the best features of both into a second to none, premium system. The combination of superior craftsmanship, thermal performance and long-term durability make our lift and slide doors ideal for luxury homes, passive houses and modern architectural projects. With a solid timber frame clad in aluminium on the outside, our doors deliver the beauty and cosy look inside that only timber can. Neuffer offers a wide assortment of wood species, glazing types and colour options for maximum freedom of design.

Overview & Advantages

Anyone building or renovating a home is familiar with the difficult decisions and trade-offs involved. The choice of frame materials is no different. Aluminium clad timber doors are the perfect solution. They combine timber frames on the inside with a protective metal shell on the outside to achieve the benefits of both with none of the disadvantages. They offer

  • Unmatched elegance
  • Large open spaces and natural light
  • Superior weather sealing eliminating draughts and heat loss
  • Easier to open/close than regular sliding doors
  • Excellent thermal performance
  • Strong weather resistance with minimal upkeep
  • Durability and security

Neuffer's aluminium clad timber lift & slide doors are completely made in Germany and feature a range of security options ensuring that each one meets our high standards for quality control as well as your individual requirements.

Lift & Slide vs. Other Types

In contrast to old fashioned sliding doors that move along a bottom track, lift and slide doors function by rotating the handle 180 degrees. The entire sash is lifted off the track and can be effortlessly slid open or closed. Thus, it is also lowered back down when closed. This means the full weight of the sash presses downwards and creates an  airtight seal. This eliminates the draughts and energy loss associated with common sliding doors. The door can also be lowered and the handle locked when partially open. Since the full weight presses downwards, which can be up to several hundred kilograms in some cases, it is extremely difficult to move. Thus, you can safely leave it slightly open with peace of mind.

Standard sliding doors move along tracks on the floor and provide little mechanical assistance in opening. The user thus must push the full weight of the door which is not only unnecessary work, but also rubs against and wears out the seals over time. Over time, traditional sliding patio doors begin to leak air due to deformed or worn seals and can allow moisture in. This leads to wasted energy, cold spots inside and costly repairs.

Custom Made is our Standard

Neuffer offers a range of custom options to ensure that we can craft a bespoke solution for your project. This begins with your choice of frame material and continues to style, glazing, finish, colours and fittings.

Glazing bars can also be added if desired for a more traditional look. On the other hand, aluminium clad options can create a sleek contemporary appearance.

High-Performance Profiles Guarantee Durability

The anodised and powder-coated outer metal surfaces of aluminium clad timber frames are highly resistant to all ordinary weather conditions. The metal shell has been designed with effective rainwater drainage in mind, ensuring that water stays clear of the timber frame.

Dust and dirt on the outside can easily be removed with a wet cloth. Neither the aluminium nor the glass require regular upkeep or cleaning. Thus, aluclad timber doors maintain their proper appearance for a very long period of time, constituting some of the most durable frame types, and meaning little work for the homeowner.

Colours & Finishes

Aluclad timber doors combine the most beneficial elements of both materials and this also holds true in terms of aesthetics. The powder-coated outer aluminium shell can be coloured using any of the various weather-resistant lacquers from the RAL scale. This helps create a modern look and ensures that your new door blends into your existing house façade.

Available timbers include pine, oak, larch, meranti, walnut, cherry and many more. Please contact us for further information and a free quote for your project.

Glazing and Insulation

Lift and Slide doors feature large glass surfaces to provide the most natural light possible and the best views. Since most of the doors' total surface area is glass, your choice of glass plays a major role in overall energy efficiency and final U-values. Triple glazing with low Ug-values combined with non-conductive warm edge spacers represent the best combination for thermal performance. Additionally, the gaps between each pane can be filled with argon, a noble gas which is less conductive than normal air.

Hardware & Fittings

A large glass surface can be a potential vulnerability depending on its location. A second or third floor balcony door presents little risk while ground level doors should be configured with further security options. These include multipoint locking, shootbolts, locking handles and concealed hinges. Laminated safety glass should be installed on the outermost pane at least in order to provide an added layer of security and make breaking the glass difficult. All of these options and more are available and be configured individually for you.

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