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Energeto 5000ED Profiles

The uPVC Window that offers great Efficiency at affordable Prices

Efficient windows are of special importance nowadays. In times of significant energy spending, the Energeto 5000ED model can help to significantly lower costs and increase efficiency. Advanced thermal insulation does not only have a positive effect on monetary spending, it also helps to meet current government regulations. This type of window is suitable for new constructions, as well as for renovations. Due to the thermal insulation properties of Energeto 5000ED profiles, they can even meet the standards of passive houses.

Important Data on the Energeto 5000ED

  • Innovative adhesive technology.
  • Interior Ultradur® High Speed-reinforcement.
  • Precise high-pressure insulating foam.
  • Frame width: 80 mm.
  • White-coloured 3-level centre gasket system (black with decor variants).
  • insulation with an U-value of up to 0.64 W/(m2K) (reference size 1230x1480 mm).
  • Maximum thickness of the glass elements: 38 mm (ED variant with triple glazing only).
  • Sound absorption of Rw ≤ 38 dB.
  • activPilot-fittings, perfect function and ergonomics in a simple design.
  • Basic security features with mushroom cams (2x) and strike plates (2x).
  • Available in classic white and with decors.
  • Extremely weather-resistant due to modern uPVC material mixtures.
  • Weather-proof extruded seals.
  • 98.2 % recyclable.
  • Profiles free of lead, cadmium and barium.


  • Energy efficient windows IDEAL5000E (no special high-pressure foam).
  • Hidden interior drainage system.
  • Upgrade to resistance class II possible (RC2).
  • activPilot Select, covered hidden corner and stay bearings.
  • activPilot Comfort, parallel casement positioning.
  • High-Control = magnetic sensors for electronic surveillance.

Energeto 5000ED – Innovative adhesive technology for higher efficiency

In order to ensure ideal thermal insulation, it is important to guarantee that the frames of Energeto 5000ED models are well connected to the respective glazing insert. Innovative adhesive technology helps with this task.

Instead of focussing on purchasing costs, you should take into consideration that conventional windows are often more expensive than energy-saving variants in the long term. The Energeto 5000ED is no exception.

One-component polyurethane material connects the casement to the glazing and completely eliminates thermal bridges. This improves the heat insulating attributes of your window by up to 20 % in comparison to common uPVC components that create energy-consuming heat bridges because of their steel inserts.

Excellent basic Security

Energeto 5000ED offers solid fittings while mushroom cams and strike plates ensure a basic level of security. Numerous additional features can further improve this aspect and help to meet your individual requirements.

We offer fittings that can reach a resistance class of II (RC2), which includes drill protection and central locking mechanisms.

Individual Design and unique Aesthetics

DEnergeto 5000ED frames are available with half and full parallel positioning mechanisms.

Depending on your preferred variant, you can individually design your window, according to your personal wishes. With countless colours and decors, there is almost no limitation to your creativity. These uPVC windows are available in all colours of the RAL scale.

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