Composite Window PLANO

The PLANO Composite Window Series

Modern Living with Weather-proof Aluminium and Warm Timbers

There are many reasons for deciding to use wooden windows during renovations or new building constructions. Wood breathes and provides excellent thermal insulation properties. It also offers traditional aesthetics and creates a comfortable, cosy living environment. The only argument against this particular material is the maintenance aspect, particularly as regards the effects of weathering. Wood-aluminium composite window profiles from the PLANO series tackle this problem quite effectively by combining a wooden profile core with a light metal protective shell on the outside.

Excellent Core Values – The PLANO Series in Detail:

  • 88 mm installation depth with up to 54 mm triple glazing; with an elastic circular sealing compound inside and dry glazing outside.
  • No direct contact between the aluminium and the timber components - vapour diffusion attributes remain unaffected by the metal.
  • Spot-welded and beaded edges, double-edge pins and V-shaped joints.
  • Milled glass strips without joints.
  • ActivPilot hinges with striking plates (also available in covered versions) - featuring a load capacity of 130 kg.
  • Casement-lifting mechanism and malfunction lock for tilted and opened positions.
  • Bars, special glazing (sound protection or safety glazing) and various types of materials available to choose from (oak, birch, maple, cherry, walnut, alder, larch, pine, meranti or exotic eucalyptus).

PLANO Models - The Perfect Mix of Modern Aspects and Traditional Elements

Besides excellent U-values and various advantages in terms of practicality, PLANO profiles offer an innovative combination of light metal and natural wooden aesthetics.

The casements are flush with the outer frame, creating a particularly modern look. For a more individualised PLANO window, there is a large variety of RAL colours available to choose from, enabling countless options for personalisation.

The R3 profile featuring the natural grain of the type of timber chosen guarantees a cosy atmosphere. Alternatively, it is also possible to apply a colour of your choice on the wooden interior. Centre and overlap gaskets are available in beige, brown, grey and white to perfectly match any colour.

The outer part of the frame is flush with the PLANO profile, creating particularly professional-looking aesthetics and improving burglary protection by hampering attempts at lifting off the casement.

Material combinations and a large colour palette to choose from ensure that PLANO profiles can be perfectly adjusted to suit existing house facades.

At the same time, the combination of materials offers all the practical advantages of both wood and aluminium windows.

Low Maintenance Systems with Great Durability

Despite the fact that the composite models are available at slightly increased prices compared to single-material profiles, they offer lower heating and maintenance costs in the long term.

Maintenance with the appropriate wood treatment products is no longer necessary on an annual basis with PLANO models. Durable materials and daily ease of use are just two examples of the many long-term benefits of these high-quality window products.