Composite Window IDEALU

Idealu Wood-Aluminium Profiles

A Combination of Aluminium and Timbers for Durability and Pleasing Aesthetics

Aluminium offers one significant advantage compared to natural materials - it offers excellent weather resistance whereas windows made of natural materials such as wood typically require a greater amount of maintenance. On the other hand, wood is a warmer and more natural-looking material. The Idealu Series helps you to decide which component might be best for your purposes by combining the advantages of both materials into one window profile, guaranteeing excellent value in terms of thermal insulation, weather resistance and burglary protection. Furthermore, Idealu windows impress with their classic recessed design.

Idealu systems at a Single Glance

  • Windows are available in installation depths of 88 mm or 98 mm with light metal covers and insulation glazing (up to 44 mm) with gas fillings (circular wet sealing inside and dry glazing outside). Due to the construction method, the thermal insulating and vapour diffusion properties of the materials remain.
  • Robust products thanks to point-welded edges, edge pins with double slots, cams and V-shaped joints.
  • Burglary protection with innovative activPilot hinges (also available in covered versions) and striking plates.
  • Comfortable and secure daily operation thanks to the malfunction locks and casement-lifting function.
  • Individual selection of timbers: pine, spruce, larch, alder, cherry, walnut, maple, oak, birch and even eucalyptus and meranti.
  • Large selection of weather-proof colours for light metal elements as well as beige, brown, grey and white centres and overlap gaskets.

Idealu Systems Combine Two Types of Aesthetics

Due to their innovative interior structure, Idealu profiles have two aesthetics. An Idealu window creates a modern appearance of light metal windows from the outside while ensuring visual warmth and cosiness using wooden elements on the inside.

The classic recessed design prevents outer metal components from having negative effects on thermal insulation - as purely aluminium profiles might have. Various design options and different wood types further provide individual colour combinations, ensuring that all components can be perfectly matched with existing front doors and other construction components. It is even possible to combine use two different colours, one on the inside and another on the outside respectively.

With an Idealu system, a variety of different wood types and colours to choose from open up a wide range of possible designs.

Practical Advantages of the Innovative Combining of Materials

The Idealu System combines the best attributes of both materials in one frame - comparable light metal models normally only offer proper thermal insulation properties with 5 or 6-chamber profiles whereas timber has naturally low heat transmission values.

But aluminium is almost weather proof and has low maintenance requirements. Anodized surfaces act as a protective shield in front of the actual wooden window core while the entire element benefits from the heat-transmission attributes of the various wooden layers.

Thus, although Idealu models may be priced slightly higher than comparable single-material profiles due to the additional material costs, they represent excellent quality and are a very good long-term investment.