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Composite Windows with a Layer of Thermal Foam - Aesthetically Pleasing and Energy-efficient

Wooden windows are able to impress with their high-energy efficiency whereas light metal components are weather-proof and require hardly any maintenance at all. Composite systems combine all of these advantages into one of the most efficient window systems. The ECO IDEALU series goes one step further. The combination of a homely wooden core and a modern aluminium cover features an additional heat-insulating foam layer. Its improved thermal resistance thus makes the system superior even to other composite windows.

The Advantages of the ECO IDEALU Series

  • Installation depth of 97 mm with triple glazing up to 52 mm thick.
  • Insulation glass with gas fillings sealed from the inside and the outside.
  • Made of premium timbers such as oak, birch, maple, cherry, walnut, larch, alder, pine, meranti or eucalyptus.
  • Weather-resistant light metal cover installed without direct contact with wooden components, leading to excellent vapour diffusion attributes.
  • Additional thermal insulation thanks to an extruder-formed polystyrene heat-blocking layer.
  • Edge pins with V-shaped joints, a casement edge of beaded and spot-welded sheet metal, and milled joint-free glass strips.
  • Safe use in the tilted or opened position with a casement lifting system and malfunction prevention mechanisms.
  • Hidden hinges for greater burglary protection are available.

Extraordinary Energy Efficiency with ECO IDEALU Frames Featuring Additional Heat-insulating Foam Layer

ECO IDEALU profiles impress by combining the beneficial properties of wood with gas-filled triple glazing, leading to excellent results in terms of heat transmittance.

Frames made of natural timbers still exhibit better thermal attributes compared to aluminium and uPVC variants, despite the introduction of multi-chamber systems. The polystyrene foam (XPS) is what stands out and distinguishes it from other construction components.

ECO IDEALU profiles benefit from the combination of no less than three extremely energy-efficient construction elements. Protective aluminium covers also contribute to the perfect mix of high-quality insulating materials, providing unique weather resistance and low maintenance characteristics.

Invest in the advantages of premium ECO IDEALU windows and benefit from lower heating and maintenance costs in the long term.

Discover the Large Variety of Possible Designs

ECO IDEALU profiles impress aesthetically with the perfect combination of aluminium and wooden elements.

The outer aluminium shell on the frame, casement and glazing bars allows individual designs with weather-proof RAL colours whereas the inside radiates with natural colours and the characteristic grain of the timber used.

The warm colour guarantees a cosy living environment on the inside, while the slightly recessed casements provide professional-looking aesthetics. ECO IDEALU profiles enhance any room or apartment with homely and natural characteristics, while appearing very natural at the same time.

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