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Composite Doors are worth their Price - thanks to reliable Insulation, Security and Longevity

Windows, front and patio doors as well as side entrances - a house can have many weak points, making it potentially vulnerable to heat loss and burglary attempts. To counteract this, composite front doors offer a combination of the insulating qualities of solid wood, the resilience of aluminium, and the excellent protection provided by both materials. At the same time, they impress with the warm ambience of natural wood on the inside of your home while the aluminium exterior provides the facade with a contemporary look that catches the eye.

The Advantages of Wood-Aluminium Composite Frames

It is not only a historical fact that solid wood is one of the most reliable construction materials for door and window systems, the proven practical advantages of the material also support this assertion. Most types of wood are characterised by excellent U-values. Modern aluminium and uPVC window profiles only manage to attain similar insulation values thanks to their elaborate multi-chamber construction. At the same time, natural timbers have slightly higher maintenance requirements. While metal or uPVC frames only need to be cleaned occasionally, a wooden door needs lacquering every few years to reliably prevent the material from drawing too much moisture.

Composite front doors benefit from the favourable characteristics of both materials, combining the insulating effect of wooden frames and the weather resistance as well as overall protection qualities of an exterior aluminium shell. If a glazing element is integrated into the door, it is grouted with a high-grade silicone sealing material. Thanks to this combination of construction elements, composite front doors with appropriate multi-glazing elements are some of the most robust door models that also feature some of the best insulating qualities. Of course, this material is not the most affordable choice, owing to this technically complex combination of the two most high-quality materials currently available for fenestration. However, the higher prices of composite front doors reflect their quality and pay off in the long-term by significantly lowering heating and maintenance bills.

uPVC Aluminium Solid Wood Composite
rel. price ++++ +++ ++ +
rel. weather resistance +++ ++++ ++ ++++
rel. thermal insulation +++ ++ ++++ ++++
rel. burglary protection ++ ++++ +++ ++++

Composite front doors are not defined solely by the combination of two construction materials, however. Their production process is also reliant on a wealth of experience and countless scientific studies, which have lead to a great level of technical refinement in the production process, aiming to eliminate any flaws in the design. For example, mounting metal elements directly onto the wooden frame would have a significantly negative effect on the vapour diffusion qualities of the product. Thus, in modern composite front doors, the metal shell never rests directly on the wooden body, guaranteeing proper functionality. The aluminium profile itself is typically anodised, powder coated and treated with lightfast lacquers to support the natural robustness of the metal and guarantee its longevity even under adverse environmental conditions.

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A Matter of Security - Composite Front Doors and Burglary Protection

It should come as no surprise that when combining two of the most robust materials available, particularly resistant frames and leafs are generated. Even breaking open a simple wooden frame requires excessive force, and most aluminium models require nothing less than heavy power tools. The combination of both materials into composite front doors therefore provides an obstacle to potential burglars that can only be overcome by using an entirely different avenue of attack - such as levering out the leaf or breaking glazing elements. Equipment such as hinge-side security bolts, multi-point locks or security bars render the levering out of front doors unlikely, while laminated safety glass or wood-aluminium glazing bars reliably protect against intruders attempting to enter your home via the glazing element.

Since glazing elements on front doors are primarily installed in order to guarantee that daylight can enter the house without exposing the inhabitants to prying eyes, fitting wider or simply more glazing bars can significantly increase security without negatively affecting any important functions of the door.

Designing each Side of your Composite Front Door individually

Composite front doors already excel in the areas of thermal insulation, security and resistance against adverse weather conditions. Because of this, the wide selection of available designs and customisation options is often the final deciding factor for purchasing a composite front door. With an aluminium shell on the outside and the solid wooden frames on the inside, they are the perfect choice for a modern and even professional exterior appearance, combined with the unique interior warmth and cosiness that can only be achieved with natural wood. For the exterior shell, a multitude of highly weather resistant lightfast lacquers can be chosen from the full range of RAL colours. For interior frame surfaces, you can choose to either paint the door in any shade of the RAL colour range, or to preserve the natural look of the wooden frame material. For individualising the wooden frames of composite front doors, many different timbers and varnishes are available, such as:

  • A lighter shade of larch with an even grain
  • Dark reddish-brown Meranti
  • Tightly grained traditional oak

Combined with decorative and security elements such as ornamented glass and glazing bars, composite front doors can be easily adapted to any personal aesthetic styles and any pre-existing facade. Of course, instead of matching your doors to an existing facade, it is also possible to set eye-catching visual accents by using particularly bright colours on the outside shell - and allowing the natural wood-grain aesthetic of the interior frame to harmonise with the interior design of your home.

Fittings and Equipment help create an Appealing exterior Appearance

Just like any other type of door, composite front doors can also be customised using various different fittings. The common combination of a lever-type handle on the inside and a knob or fixed handle on the outside supports such a door not only in practical respects, but in terms of its overall appearance as well. Minimalist equipment - such as unadorned metal handles - match the material and provide a particularly modern and elegant appearance, while a lever on the wooden interior of composite front doors supports the warm and traditional looks of the natural material.

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