uPVC-Aluminium Window Twinset View

Clear Views – With the TwinSet View

Aluminium and uPVC combined to a single window – Two Materials, many Advantages

Windows are available featuring many different advantages: Timeless design, premium material, proper energy insulation and reliable security. A TwinSet View window offers all of these at affordable prices. Composite frames combine the advantages of low weight and energy efficient uPVC with robust and weather-proof attributes of light metal. Enjoy the TwinSet View system and its high-quality materials, modern design and a large colour selection from the RAL scale, available for individual customisation.

Product Overview

  • Frame width 109mm
  • Entire profile height of up to 2260mm
  • Glazing thickness: 32mm up to 55mm
  • U-values under 1,0 W/(m2K) possible
  • Three sealing levels for improved thermal insulation
  • Outside metal shell in various hues from the RAL colour scale
  • Interior foil-based decors

A perfect Combination of different Materials

The performance of front doors and windows depends primarily on their respective construction material. Aluminium, uPVC or wooden windows are only made of a single material each, featuring their own distinct advantages and disadvantages.

For example, wooden frames are dearer and need more maintenance, while offering excellent stability and pleasing aesthetics in combination with high energy efficiency.

Choosing TwinSet View, you choose timeless design, style and functionality.

Polyvinylchloride windows, on the other hand, are lower-priced and very similar to wooden components in terms of thermal insulation. Please take into consideration that the frames of these elements cannot guarantee sufficient robustness and burglary protection attributes without additional features.

Because of this, the TwinSet View product range does not simply combine aluminium and polyvinylchloride – its focus is also set on reliable fenestration technologies. TwinSet View is not just the combination of two component materials, but a unique structure. The known disadvantages of both window types can be completely avoided with this model.

The Composite Elements of TwinSet View Systems in Detail

  • Very good thermally insulating properties
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Good to very good security (depending on respective features)
  • Good sound protection
  • 20-30% price increase in comparison to simple uPVC models

Material combinations for top-notch Energy Efficiency

TwinSet View components rely on their smart combination of two distinct resources. The profile interior consists of multiple hollow chambers, which guarantees excellent insulating properties. Several sealing levels additionally improve thermal insulation and humidity protection.

An aluminium shell protects the exterior parts of the system. This shell in various RAL colours is extremely weather-proof and durable due to the special powder coating. This provides the additional advantage of allowing colours to remain bright over longer periods of time.

In terms of safety, TwinSet View elements meet all current EU standards and necessary requirements for house installations. The frames and casements are capable of resisting intrusion attempts reliably for a long period of time, increasing a burglar’s risk of being detected.

Protective elements such as additional hinges can prolong any attempt of forced entry and therefore reliably protect your property.

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