uPVC-Aluminium Window Twinset Energeto View

The TwinSet Energeto View Series

TwinSet Energeto View uPVC-aluminium windows – Everything in Sight

Windows are much more than just glass panes with frames embedded in wall openings. Just like front doors, they offer an excellent opportunity to aesthetically upgrade any house facade. Building regulations and technical requirements often define certain standards of house constructions. Designing house facades in accordance with your own aesthetic wishes is often only possible with newly built buildings. TwinSet Energeto View allows for highly individualised designs, helping to create the perfect living atmosphere.

TwinSet Energeto View – Technology and Details

  • Dimensions: Frame width 109mm, profile height up to 2260mm
  • Glazing thickness (depending on the model): 32mm up to 55mm
  • Uf with IDEAL 5000S View: 1,1 W/(m2K)
  • Uf with IDEAL 5000E variant: 1,0 W/(m2K)
  • Improved thermal insulation
  • Reliable burglary protection because of middle pole system with three sealing levels
  • Tasteful designs with innovative casement systems as well as classic profile aesthetics. Additionally, it is possible to paint the outer aluminium shell using various hues from the RAL colour range and the interior with further available foil-based decors.

Practical Windows with high-level Energy Efficiency

TwinSet Energeto View models combine the advantages of uPVC and aluminium components.

Respective profiles consist of robust light metal shells for the exterior parts and low maintenance yet perfectly insulating uPVC on the inside. Aluminium is a very durable metal that allows modest but tasteful looks.

Multi-chamber systems provide excellent thermal insulation.

Multi-chamber systems ensure excellent thermal insulation values. These construction elements have significantly better insulation and burglary protection properties in comparison to simple uPVC components. Additional sealing can help meet modern requirements for energy efficient window frames.

TwinSet Energeto Components in individual Designs

This type of window is very popular among customers and manufacturers alike, as there is a high number of possible individual designs to choose from. The wide selection of available RAL colours offers much room for creativity.

Design windows and doors in many different ways, match them with components still in use, or add a personal touch to the house facade.

All a Matter of Security

Any home should be considered a personal safe haven. TwinSet Energeto View systems meet all requirements to help ensure this. A mullion can effectively stop burglars from forced entry attempts with screwdrivers or other tools by hindering the lifting off the casements.

A glazing thickness of 32 mm, together with the robust and highly warp-resistant metal shell, also helps to prevent the glass from being smashed in. All TwinSet Energeto View elements can also be equipped with additional hinges, insect protection screens and roller shutters.

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