uPVC-Aluminium Window Energeto Twinset 5000

TwinSet Energeto 5000

Aluminium outside – uPVC inside: An Overview of the Advantages of modern TwinSet Energeto 5000 Windows

Windows without sufficient sealing can have a negative impact on living quality by letting warmth escape the house, by allowing water to pool at the frame or even by creating the perfect conditions for dangerous mould. This is the reason why a TwinSet Energeto 5000 window offers all the advantages of uPVC and aluminium windows combined. Furthermore, these frames feature great stability, durability and near limitless design options, owing to a large selection of possible colours and decors.

TwinSet Energeto 5000 – Important Facts

  • Ultradur® High Speed reinforcement and unique insulation foam technology
  • Allows for conventional glazing of between 24 and 38 mm thickness, guaranteeing sound protection of Rw ≤ 45 dB and U-values of 0,64 W/(m2K) (reference size 1230x1480 mm)
  • Middle sealing system with 5-chamber composite profile, aluminium covers and an installation depth of 75 mm
  • Interior white uPVC profile – black outer seal and three sealing levels in papyrus white
  • Pleasing product design due to tasteful activPilot-hinges and a large variety of available colours for the outer shell.
  • Extremely weather resistant, durable aluminium covers and uPVC elements featuring innovative additives and weather-resistant extruder-imjected seals
  • Effective basic security measures for energy effective window models; with 2 mushroom cams and 2 strike plates
  • All profiles of the 5000 variant are produced without cadmium, barium and lead

Additional Features:

  • Composite window TwinSet Energeto 5000E (without high-pressure insulation foam technology)
  • Variant with resistance class II (RC2)
  • activPilot Select with hidden corner and stay bearing or activPilot Comfort systems with parallel opening mechanism
  • Electronic surveillance (High-Control) with magnetic sensors and hidden drainage elements

Structure and System Details of TwinSet Energeto 5000 profiles

TwinSet Energeto 5000 windows consist of lightweight polyvinylchloride material and steel reinforcements.
Solid light metal covers protect the construction from outside influences. A middle gasket system with 5 interior chambers ensures excellent energy and humidity insulation values.

The central sealing is an additional sealant element between casement and frame, separating the interior from the exterior area. Should cold air or rain water enter the exterior components of a window due to wind and weather, special openings guide them back outside.

The inside always remains dry and warm. This also lowers the danger of corrosion of the interior steel reinforcements and effectively prevents the creation of mould. Anyone looking for energy efficient products is well advised with TwinSet Energeto 5000 systems.

In order to ensure proper air circulation, tiny amounts of air can be allowed to enter via small hatches in the profile. The aspects of sound absorption and thermal insulation are not affected by this.

TwinSet Energeto 5000 models offer innovative technology paired with the highest quality aspects and modern aesthetics.

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