Elegant Historic Window

A Traditional Window for old and new Buildings

Protecting historic Buildings – with versatile wooden Frames

Anyone who has renovated in the past will know the problem. Older wooden window elements often do not meet today’s technological standard and contemporary requirements for thermal insulation; but modern aluminium and uPVC systems sometimes cannot be properly integrated into the venerable house facade. This is the reason why our Traditional Window profiles combine modern elements of thermal insulation and security with classic wood aesthetics. This makes them an ideal choice for the protection of historic buildings without the loss of the traditional architectural vision.

The Profile in Detail

  • Classic aesthetics with timber profiles and wood-covered aluminium water drainage channels.
  • Thermally insulating glazing inserts with gas-filled chambers and permanent elastic sealing.
  • Comfortable use thanks to activPilot fittings and steel strike plates, casement lifting function and malfunction lock usable in tilted or opened positions.
  • Additional casement corner security with locking cams and V-shaped joints.
  • Available in two different installation depths of either 68 or 78 mm.
  • A plethora of options from covered inner hinges centre and overlap gaskets in beige, brown, grey or white colour.
  • Large selection of optional profile elements: transom light, windowsill, water bar, rebate ledge or capitals.
Monument Conservation Window Profile
Monument Conservation Window Profile
Profile Section Style Window
Profile Section Style Window

Profile Details Historic Windows
Profile Details Historic Windows

1A   Kämpferprofil - klein
1B   Kämpferprofil - groß
2A   Sohlbankprofil - klein
2B   Sohlbankprofil - groß
3     Regenschienen-Abdeckung
4A   Wetterschenkel - klein
4B   Wetterschenkel - groß
4C   Wetterschenkel - profiliert
5     Profilierte Schlagleiste
6A   Kapitell
7     Basisprofil
9     Regenschiene

A Plethora of Options for your Traditional Window frames

In order to ensure that the correct windows are chosen for your renovation, the Traditional Window profile is available in various shapes. For example, classic transom light profiles are often found in older houses.

The high-class aesthetics of a Traditional Window are especially suited for the renovation of older houses. That being said, they function just as well in new building constructions aiming for a classic wooden look.

When replacing an out-dated building element, these profiles can provide the same visual aesthetics once imagined by the original architect.

Capitals or rebate ledges on the frame or mullion can support this classic look while large water bars can lower the risk of water damage. The Traditional Window offers a large variety of options in order to meet your individual requirements.

Energy-efficient Renovation Works using wooden Elements

Windows made of wood generally feature excellent thermal insulation properties – and with the appropriate glazing, timbers can even be one of the best choices of material for doors and windows.

Due to gas-filled multi-glazing inserts, the Traditional Window can significantly improve the thermal values of old houses. With U-values between 1.2 and 0.78 W/(m2K), wooden Traditional Window components can easily compete with similar uPVC models.

Protecting old Buildings and Monuments

Traditional Windows feature an excellent combination of the high-class aesthetics of natural materials on the one hand and modern technologies for the protection of older houses from weather influences on the other. As professional window manufacturers, we offer high-quality construction components using various types of timbers. You can select between larch, meranti, oak, spruce and pine.

Furthermore, it is possible to choose from many available shapes, allowing a perfect recreation of the original look of a house. The components are the perfect choice for any type of older building.

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