Rustic Timber Window

The venerable RUSTIC Series

The Classic Aesthetics of Wooden Windows, Combined with Modern Profile Technology

Wooden construction components are especially popular due to their tasteful and traditional aesthetics. In villas or older homes, they provide a high-quality appearance and create an elegant overall impression in a way that is difficult to achieve with aluminium or uPVC construction components. In order to ensure exceptional style and functionality, the RUSTIC series combines the aesthetic advantages of traditional windows with advanced profile systems, generating superb thermal insulation. This series is well suited to older and new buildings alike.

RUSTIC Models and their Advantages

  • Available with installation depths of 68 or 78 mm.
  • Edges with V-shaped joints, as well as hidden activPilot hinges with striking plates, providing security and durability.
  • Insulation glass and gas fillings provide excellent thermal insulation values with glazing thicknesses of up to 46 mm (at 78 mm installation depth).
  • Aluminium water drainage channels with overlapping covers, wind-protected drainage slots and elastic covers offer reliable protection against draughts and damp.
  • Integrated malfunction locks and casement-lifting functionality provide security and safe use in both the opened and the tilted positions.
  • RUSTIC systems feature fine wood grain on the outside as well as on the inside, while centre and overlap gaskets are available in brown, white, grey and beige.

High-quality Materials and the Best Manufacturing Techniques Available

Due to their superb construction, RUSTIC profiles can easily compete with uPVC windows in terms of U-values (W/m2K).

The natural insulation properties of timber elements do not need to be further supported by an additional multi-chamber profile design, as is the case with uPVC and aluminium variants. Notably, a RUSTIC window can easily achieve excellent U-values while still providing a traditional and aesthetically-pleasing look.

Wooden Frames Perfectly Suited for Renovation Purposes

People who live in older houses recognise the following problem: houses like this, possibly made entirely of wood, are not usually the best properties in terms of energy efficiency.

If windows and doors have not been refurbished for a long period of time, this represents a good opportunity to upgrade your house to meet modern energy-efficiency standards. However, in many cases, it is difficult to visually integrate aluminium or uPVC window models with the facades of old buildings.

RUSTIC systems, however, combine advanced profile construction techniques and insulating glass with natural wood, guaranteeing the potential for enormous energy savings when integrated into older houses in particular.

Excellent premium profiles for new and old buildings alike.

Special Visual Accents for New Houses

The aesthetics of the RUSTIC series are very popular with owners of newer buildings as well. The wooden grain on the outside and the inside of the profiles provides modern homes with a certain - rustic - appearance.

Wood applications on the facade can create a welcoming feeling of tradition, especially as a visual counterpoint in modern populated cities. Of course, for that particularly venerable traditional look, additional features such as glazing bars are also available.

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