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ECO Plano - High-insulation Wood-Aluminium Profile

The elegant Composite System in flush-mounted design

The Eco System is a high-insulation wood-aluminium profile providing optimum thermal insulation. When triple glazing is incorporated then insulation values can be attained that are suitable for passive houses. The special polyurethane insulating wedge ensures that the aluminium cover does not come into direct contact with the wood. This ensures that the vapour diffusion is maintained completely.

The elegant Composite System

  • high-quality system in flush-mounted design
  • available in different wood species such as pine, spruce, meranti, larch, eucalyptus and oak tree
  • extremely weatherproof and easy-care

Your Advantages at a Glance

  • High-insulation wood-aluminium profile
  • 10 Year guarantee
  • RAL Seal of approval for the aluminium casing from "Stemeseder Alto Nova"
  • High quality hydro-planed surfaces and special wood-aluminium colours for indoors
  • Grade 1a wood
  • Quality „Made in Germany“
  • High quality components from well-known manufacturers

ECO Plano Wood-Aluminium Windows - System Description


  • Use of brand name insulating glass, can be combined with sun protection systems, soundproofing (to class 4) as well as safety glass and ornamental glass
  • UV-resistant sealing
  • General wet glazing

Surface finish

  • Surface finishing ensures construction elements are long lasting
  • Optional clear surface finishing is available for wood-aluminium


  • Normal windows, thermal insulation windows, soundproofing and safety windows, sliding elements, balcony and patio doors

Physical requirements

  • Thermal insulation according to DIN 4108 and EnEV
  • Soundproofing according to VDI 2719 SSK, SSK II to V
  • Anti-burgar proof according to DIN V ENV 1627-1630 to resistance class 2
  • Wood-aluminium windows which carry the 10-year guarantee are only coated with products which conform to all European requirements

10 Year Guarantee

The excellent quality of our composite wood-aluminium windows means that we can offer a 10 year guarantee on the exterior aluminium shell. We provide a 5 year guarantee on the wood surfaces of all our composite wood-aluminium windows.

This window is perfectly suitable for all houses with modern architecture as sash and frame are flush on the outside. It is our wish that you enjoy your house and the matching windows for many years to come.

RAL Seal of approval for the Aluminium Casing from "Stemeseder Alto Nova"

The RAL-approved aluminium casing means that you can expect the highest possible quality. This is constantly being monitored and tested by independent outside authorities. So you as the consumer or end-user can be sure that the windows and doors you receive are of excellent quality.

By using welded corner units, the corners are not warping even under heavy strain. This has an attractive look while being water tight at the same time. Aluminium as a working material is very weather resistant and can be supplied in virtually any of the RAL colours. Thus you have an extremely wide colour selection and a maintenance-free system.

High Quality hydro-planed Surfaces and special Wood-Aluminium Colours for Indoors

This new and innovative method of machine planing means that the wood surfaces are especially smooth and of high quality. The wood fibres on the top surface are not only cut off but pressed flat leaving the pores open.

The primer thereby penetrates deeply and permanently into the wood protecting it. Hence, you have an attractive and high quality window for a long time to come.

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