uPVC-Aluminium Window Twinset 5000s

The aluplast TwinSet 5000S Series

Affordable uPVC-Aluminium Window System with excellent Thermal Insulation

Modern composite windows are available in many different configurations. The portfolio covers premium high-end products and affordable basic models alike. The TwinSet 5000S profile, meanwhile, impresses with an excellent balance between price and performance. TwinSet 5000S elements are suitable for renovations as well as for passive house constructions, offering various basic and optional features. They combine ideal thermal insulation and energy efficiency properties with burglary protection and a wide array of individualisation possibilities.

Details, Structure and Technology

  • Innovative uPVC and aluminium combination
  • 5-chamber systems with light metal covers on the exterior and an installation depth of 75 mm using conventional glazing inserts
  • Frame width of 82 mm
  • Three sealing levels in papyrus white / outer sealing available in black
  • U-values of up to 0,75 W/(m2K) possible at a reference size of 1230x1480 mm
  • Glazing thickness between 24 and 40 mm
  • Sound absorption Rw ≤ 45 decibels
  • activPilot-fittings, providing perfectly ergonomical functionality in combination with a tastefully simple design
  • Basic security standard features 2 mushroom cams and strike plates
  • Possible variation with inner profile in white, outer side covered with weather-proof aluminium shell available in all colours available from the RAL colour scale
  • Extremely weather-resistant components, featuring innovative uPVC material mixtures and extruder-created seals
  • All profiles are free of lead, cadmium or barium

Top-notch Energy efficiency

TwinSet 5000S profiles are made of a combination of uPVC and aluminium, offering superb values in terms of energy efficiency.
Heat transmittance is an essential factor for determining the U-value.

Windows with a U-value of up to 0,75 W/(m2K) can effectively lower energy costs. In addition, the three sealing levels used in the construction of the profile significantly hamper the creation of thermal bridges.

The seals are integrated into the frame, providing proper insulation of the 5-chamber system and ensuring that the glazing can be mounted flush with the casement frame, reliably keeping warm air inside while allowing the TwinSet 5000S to successfully stop cold air from entering the house.

Excellent thermal insulation is guaranteed thanks to three sealing levels and the 5-chamber profile structure of TwinSet 5000S windows.

TwinSet 5000S systems with activPilot Fittings for advanced Burglary Protection

Burglary protection plays a significant role with front doors and windows. Very important features for security purposes are the fittings.

They must guarantee proper basic security and should feature further adjustment possibilities. The activPilot fittings of the TwinSet 5000S series meet all of these necessary requirements.

Located inside the frame and casement, they offer excellent functionality. The fittings themselves can further be individualised and adjusted to account for different positions on the house – windows which are easy targets for intrusion attempts because of their position may need to be protected with additional security elements.

Individual Design Possibilities

In order to meet your personal unique tastes, the outer surface of TwinSet 5000S models can be customised using a variety of different colours. You can select from among all colours of the extensive RAL colour range.

Furthermore, visual frame elements such as glazing bars can easily be integrated into your TwinSet 5000S window, leaving your personal creativity practically free of restrictions.

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